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Address Validation

Address Validation for Acumatica
"Plugin for Address Verification"

Address Validation is a complete address verification system built natively with the Acumatica ERP platform, cleaning up CRM addresses with just one click.

Address Validation offers precise, rooftop latitude and longitude coordinates of U.S. and international addresses by verifying them against the universal databases of USPS, UPS, FedEx & other major shipping carriers and updating them on the ERP platform.

Once you deploy Address Validation on your Acumatica instance, you are ready to verify the billing/shipping addresses of your customers, vendors, leads and contacts. Our framework allows for deployment on SaaS or PCS (Process Cloud Service) and works for small businesses and enterprise users.

Address Validation ensures you will never miss a shipment from a bad address.

Address Validation Serves
- B2C/B2B eCommerce Platforms for Products & Services
- Third-Party Transportation/Logistics Companies that Operate with Warehousing & Distribution
- Marketing & Branding Businesses with an Online Presence
- Any Industry (including Field Services) that Accepts Addresses in Software/ERP Systems

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Clean your CRM addresses at the entity/transaction level before entering them into your ERP. Invoice & shipment addresses of your customers, leads & vendors are standardized, complete & validated for postal codes & formats.
  • Our Proprietary Address Engine employs advanced parsing and fuzzy matching for unparalleled results. The Address Validation is a Cloud Services/SaaS tool, effortlessly used on top of the Acumatica ERP.
  • Changed Addresses/NCOAs within the U.S. & Canada are up-to-date on your ERP. Approximately 40 million NCOAs are registered each year in the U.S.
  • Through Geocoding, we list all your customers/contacts on Google maps for your Sales Representatives & Field Service Staff.
  • Verify, Correct & Standardize U.S., Canadian & International Addresses.

About InfoSourcing

InfoSourcing Inc. is an Acumatica-certified partner and ISV. Based out of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., we serve all across the North American market. InfoSourcing has been partners with Acumatica for over 10+ years and has been recognized consecutively as an Acumatica MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

InfoSourcing provides Acumatica Implementation and Professional Services. Our Address Validation plugin is used extensively across the U.S., Canada & South Africa.


Address Validation Data Sheet


Customer Reviews

Rodman, Tim
Aktion Associates, Inc.
Quality Solution, Quick To Adapt
September 8th, 2020

The team at InfoSourcing creates quality plugins and they are quick to adapt their plugins to customer requests. The Address Validation plugin is no exception. The plugin is reliable and does what it is supposed to do. We asked for Address Validation to be enabled on additional screens and for a bulk validation processing screen. Both features were added quickly.

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