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Pay with Extend

Send virtual Cards with your American Express® Business Card

If you are an Acumatica customer and use American Express Business Card to pay your vendors, then this solution is a must for you!

The AMEX Extend solution provides an integration with the Accounts Payable (AP) module to generate virtual cards while sending payments to vendors. Benefits of this solution include:
- Help reduce fraud and misuse of business Cards with enhanced security and visibility of virtual Cards
- Help reduce the hassle of reimbursements and reconciliation
- Send employees a payment method whenever they need one
- Help improve cash flow management and move spending to your Business Card

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries or Financial Services

Key features

  • Set the spending limit and expiration date of each virtual Card
  • Create budgets specific to your projects and maintain visibility and control over spending
  • Approve, modify, or cancel virtual Cards at any time
  • Enable employees, freelancers, and subcontractors to make payments on your behalf without sharing your card number
  • Vendors receive a virtual Card number, not the actual Card or account number, for each transaction

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Kensium is Acumatica’s Official Commerce Partner and one of the longest-serving ISVs in the Acumatica ecosystem. We evaluate and deploy modern ecommerce and ERP technologies in the ecommerce / retail space, so you can optimize back-office operations, multiply your traffic, AOV, conversion rates, and repeat customers.

We have a full-service Acumatica ERP practice, with the largest team of Acumatica developers in the world. Our essential suite of Acumatica products branded as Fusion include Commerce Connectors, B2B Solutions, Marketplace Integrations, Shipping Integrations, Payment Gateways, Point-of-Sale, and Warehouse Management systems, and will help achieve your Omni-Channel vision with Acumatica as the source of truth!


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