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Connect and expand your feature set with the only phone, text, and fax provider integrated with Acumatica. Lightspeed Voice provides deep integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP, allowing a valuable stream of call information to consolidate into your existing database.

Save time and boost your productivity with Lightspeed Voice. Power up your business with synchronized inbound and outbound text, fax, and email, open client records on call, and harmonize your call and client notes like never before. Use Lightspeed Voice in multiple locations throughout the US with our suite of softphones, mobile apps, and VoIP technology.

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  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served
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Key features

  • Acumatica Integration (Screen Pop and Notes Insertion)
  • Detailed Call Activity Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Live Call Coaching
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Multi-Location
  • Automated Text & Emails
  • World Class, US-Based Customer Support
  • Desk Phones
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps

About Lightspeed Voice

Lightspeed Voice is a leading, cloud-based VoIP telephony provider focused on delivering the best product and service to fit the needs of a wide range of businesses. We have designed a plug and play phone system and sales automation tools that make it easy to automate processes, close deals, and do what you do best: connect with new and prospective customers!

Lightspeed Voice provides solutions for every industry, including insurance, medical, education, technology, agriculture, and government.


Customer Reviews

Gaspar, Scott
Advanced Systems Group, Inc.
Remarkable System with Impeccable Service and Support
January 17th, 2022

We brought our first customers online with Lightspeed last year and they are very pleased with the service, support, and money savings they receive from Lightspeed. Onboarding was easy, training was painless, and the integration to Acumatica was seamless. After experiencing our clients’ satisfaction, we decided to switch our phone system to Lightspeed as well and couldn’t be happier.

The VOIP call quality we experience from Lightspeed far exceeds the VOIP systems we have used in the past, and the 40+ included features have greatly streamlined our businesses. Instead of just going back to look at typed-in notes in Acumatica’s CRM on client calls, we can actually pull up the call link in Acumatica and listen to it again at any time.

When our people need to work from home or from a hotel room, we can login to the browser-based softphone and be in the office from anywhere. In fact, the simplicity and call quality on the softphone is so good that many of us have started using it in the office as well.

As an Acumatica partner or client, if you are not taking advantage of the Lightspeed system, you are missing out! I would have to say that Lightspeed offers the best customer/partner experience of any Acumatica ISV we work with.

Lehecka Craig, Mr.
MaxQ Technologies
A great Partnership
October 13th, 2021

Lightspeed Voice is a company dedicated to the success of their customers and has been a superb partner to MaxQ. Their integration into Acumatica is deep and unique; it gives Acumatica users the ability to better serve their clients by enhancing relationships, and improving key metrics, such as employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Lightspeed builds trust with their clients and provides excellent service.

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