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Acumatica Cash Basis Reporting

Sprinterra introduces Acumatica Cash Basis Reporting Module - - a specialized add-on to the Acumatica ERP systems. This module is engineered for Acumatica customers seeking to convert accrual transactions to a cash ledger, enabling them to generate both cash and accrual financial reports using the same data set.

Cash Basis Reporting gives you a direct view of your financial standing by reflecting business transactions on your financial statements whenever cash flows in or out of your business. On the other hand, the accrual basis records revenue and expenses as they are incurred, regardless of actual cash exchanges.

With Acumatica Cash Basis Reporting Module, powered by Sprinterra, you have the flexibility to view your data both ways, depending on what suits your business needs at a given time.

Key Features:
- Maintain both Accrual and Cash Ledgers for effortless generation of Income Statements & Balance Sheet reports on either basis.
- Generate financial statements on a cash basis seamlessly.
- Utilize your existing Acumatica Financial Statements.
- Compatible with all 3rd party reporting tools that access Acumatica Ledger data.
- All Acumatica reports that run off "ledger" data, where the ledger can be selected, can operate off your cash ledger.
- Run reports using either accounting method.

The Cash Basis Reporting Module comes as a customization package for the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. It is available for customers running Acumatica version 2021R1 or newer and who have the pay-by-line functionality already activated.

  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Financial Services

Key features

  • Cash basis accounting
  • Vendor payments
  • Customer invoicing
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash forecasting
  • Cash conversion

About Sprinterra

Sprinterra has a global presence. With the workforce located in the US , Europe, Canada and Australia. We offer engagements offshore, onshore, or a mix of both. Our team of professionals which consists of 100+ engineers (developers, business analysts, managers, test engineers, devops, etc) is the source of our innovative expertise.

Sprinterra is recognized as a trusted Acumatica development partner, especially when it comes to complex integrations and development projects and boasts one of the largest in-house Acumatica-certified teams in the industry, with dedicated Business Analysts, certified Project Managers, top-tier software engineers, and designers. Our team can help you with any development task – from a simple screen customization to designing and integrating a new module into your Acumatica ERP and connecting it with other applications or tools in your tech infrastructure. Our developers have thousands of hours of experience in:
➔ Customization ➔ System Integrations ➔ New Module Development ➔ Manual and Automation testing ➔ Upgrades ➔ Business Analysis and Consulting

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