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LightWork Time and Attendance provides a highly flexible platform to track employee time for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees. Time can be entered via desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe time clock. It also has the versatility to allow employees and managers to use their own mobile devices to record and manage time.

Time can be tracked in lump sums or in ranges of specific hours. Earning types for these hours are fully user definable, and can be assigned types such as regular, paid time off or sick time. Rules to identify and calculate overtime are built into the system eliminating the possibility of overtime coding errors.

Once all time from a location is entered, the site manager can save and approve all time entered as complete. If an employee works in multiple locations, multiple site managers can input and approve time for the same employee. Human Resources can see the locations that have approved time for that pay period, and which locations are awaiting approval. HR can initiate an export file from LightWork Time for input into the payroll system for any approved timesheets.
From developing innovative solutions to providing award-winning customer support, LightWork is dedicated to surpassing your expectations in all aspects of our business.

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Key features

  • LightWork Time integrates with your current HRMS, payroll system, or excel spreadsheet for easy deployment and a consistent user experience.
  • The export interface allows for your company’s HRMS system to link with LightWork, making it easy to export payroll and/or attendance data in the format that your company’s payroll system requires.
  • By working with your Point of Sale (POS) formatted flat file or another OleDb compliant data source, LightWork makes importing your company’s time simple.
  • LightWork's biometric timeclocks install easily on your network and support both hard-wired TCP/IP as well as optional wireless connections.
  • Don’t want to use time clocks? LightWork has a built in kiosk mode that allows employees to punch in and out from any LightWork station.
  • Employees can review details about their schedules, attendance, request time off, paycheck stubs, and make real time changes to their profile, with HR approval workflow in our self-service kiosk.
  • LightWork Mobile allows your employees to punch, check their time, and even approve timesheets all on the go. Our mobile application is compatible with any iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices.
  • See information on your employees in one centralized location. Demographic data, employee pictures, and other valuable employee information are all available at your fingertips.
  • Change verbiage throughout your LightWork system with our text customization option, seamlessly shaping the software to your company's culture and processes.

About Perryman & Associates

LightWork Software, a Perryman Company, empowers organizations and individuals to deliver more and be more. Headquartered in DeLand, Florida and serving clients since 1993 in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, LightWork Software’s focus is on people. LightWork is at the forefront of enabling companies to unlock their full potential through proper employee utilization and development, offering companies profitable solutions to improve their bottom line. LightWork Software HCM full suite includes, People Management, Time, Performance Management, Recruiting and Onboarding, Learning Management and Alerts and Workflow. To learn more about LightWork Software visit: http://www.lightworksoftware.com.


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LightWork Mobile Feature Sheet
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