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Netstock Predictor IA is , an out-of-the-box solution that provides small to medium-sized businesses with the intel they need to minimize stock-outs, place quicker orders, and reduce excess inventory. The Netstock Predictor IA solution is designed as a progression, enabling customers to increase capabilities within the solution as their business operation matures and becomes more complex. Companies can add on additional modules that support demand and capacity planning.

Robust and easy to use, Netstock Predictor IA offers an intuitive user interface that allows teams to get up to speed rapidly, identifying supply and demand insights from day one. Customers can quickly analyze their inventory landscape using our powerful predictive forecasting tools and swiftly adopt a plan allowing them to predict their supply and demand needs and develop a plan that maximizes their inventory and investments.

  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Seamless integration to your Acumatica ERP
  • Affordable, quick implementation with a proven onboarding process and customer support
  • Predictive data that automatically adjust your planning: forecasting, ordering, capacity planning, and safety stock levels
  • Precision forecasting and demand planning improve forecasting that factors in trends, seasonality, promotions, and events
  • Netstock AI Opportunity Engine - reviews all inventory data, identifies potential problems, and immediately suggests corrective actions for planners
  • The executive dashboard offers a high-level performance overview of inventory and ordering key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall sales
  • Optimize inventory with easy-to-use dashboards for KPI tracking
  • Measure and monitor supplier performance, identifying reliable suppliers

About Netstock

Netstock is a leader in supply and demand planning software and has earned the trust of over 2,200 global customers. Integrating into leading ERP platforms, Netstock empowers small-to-medium businesses to place orders quicker, reduce stock-outs, minimize excess inventory and forecast demand accurately. Delivering immediate ROI, Netstock provides customers with the visibility to free up working capital, adapt to changes, and deliver outstanding customer service. For more information, visit www.netstock.com.



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Customer Reviews

Smoker, Justin
Levi's Building Components
Great Inventory Optimization Tool
July 19th, 2021

Great product to take inventory management to the next level including BOM demand and Central Warehouse planning. The detailed reports and dashboards have given our purchasers the tools they need without having to spend hours creating spreadsheets.

Easter, Dennis
Algorithm Inc.
My go to
July 15th, 2021

When we need advanced inventory planning for customers, NetStock is our go to solution. Russ and the team always do a great job for us! They can really take inventory planning to the next level.

Carey, Russ
BHE Consulting, Inc.
The integration and performance with Acumatica
July 15th, 2021

Can't say enough for this Inventory solution, we have several Acumatica clients that use this and it has been a great solution for all of them.

Vanacore, Dan
Cloud 9 ERP Solutions LLC
Netstock review
July 14th, 2021

We have had the pleasure of working with Netstock over the last several years. They have always been attentive to our needs and readily available to assist on joint sales calls. I wouldn't hesitate to bring them into a joint sales call with our prospects.
Dan Vanacore - Cloud 9 ERP Solutions

Davies Michael, Mr.
Kensium LLC
Great Solution for Optimizing your Inventory!
July 9th, 2021

Acumatica provides an impressive feature set for inventory replenishment within the core product and while this functionality works well for many customers when the requirements for inventory forecasting and optimization become more advanced, NETSTOCK offers the ideal extension.
While NETSTOCK provides advanced and complex formulas for managing stocking levels, the complexity is often kept behind the scenes by providing a simplified user interface with graphs, visualizations, and dashboards throughout.
The NETSTOCK team is extremely knowledgeable in the subject of inventory management and is very responsive in their support to us as a partner and to our customers.

Gress, Joel
Dynamic Tech Services, Inc
Fantastic solution!
July 6th, 2021

Netstock is an intuitive tool that makes managing inventory more efficient.

Lemus, Ashley
Klear Systems
Must-Have Inventory Optimization Solution
June 29th, 2021

NETSTOCK has been an invaluable addition to our client offerings.

From their effective inventory optimization solution to their exceptional customer service we're proud to partner with them and offer NETSTOCK in our business management solution arsenal.

NETSTOCK is a must-have solution for anyone looking to truly enhance their inventory processes.

Frank, Eric
NexTec Group
Always helpful
June 25th, 2021

Russ and his team are always on the ball!

Bennett, Patricia
PC Bennett Solutions LLC.
Our Customers love this solution
June 25th, 2021

We have a handful of customers using Netstock and they absolutely love it. Once they start using Neetstock they can never go back to not having it.
We strongly recommend this solution for those companies that would like to optimize their inventory levels regardless of the circumstances.

Nastashkin, Alex
SWK Technologies, Inc.
Great Product
June 25th, 2021

When an Acumatica Partner recommends a solution, that solution is a direct reflection on the Partner. With that in mind, SWK Technologies holds their recommended solutions to a very high standard. Netstock has always met & exceeded our high standards by providing a great inventory optimization solution along with exceptional customer service to SWK and our valued customers.

From discovery and evaluation all the way through delivery & support, Netstock takes care of everything by using knowledgeable resources who are fluent in inventory requirements & needs along with applicable Acumatica functionality. Wrapping that all together enables Netstock to deliver an exceptional customer & partner experience!

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