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Foresight AI Demand Forecasting System

The market proven Foresight Demand Forecasting AI system from RazorThink, will dramatically increase your sales and profits by reducing out-of-stocks and over-production.

RazorThink's Foresight AI SaaS system gives you the best demand forecast possible. It's uses market proven Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) used by RazorThink since 2015. The system brings in all of your sales data found in Acumatica ERP, and any other important internal and external data sets, to give you a forecast for each customer down to the individual product/style/SKU.

Each instance of the system is configured to your specific products, customers, planning process and reporting requirements. This ensures easy adoption by your team, because they participate in the configuration process.

RazorThink is the only Acumatica ADN partner that uses cutting edge behavioral AI to create forward looking predictive sales forecasts for every one of you products and customers. It’s market proven, and even works for new products with little or no historical data.

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Key features

  • Delivers the most accurate forecast possible
  • Forecasts provided for each product/style by SKU
  • Forecasts new products/styles with little or no history
  • Forecasts provided for each buyer, at the most granular level
  • Reduces out-of-stocks and over-production while increasing profits
  • Data and market inputs continuously updated
  • Scenario development built-in
  • Ease of adoption and minimal disruption to the teams

About RazorThink

RazorThink, founded in 2015, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) company exclusively focused on Demand Forecasting using AI for companies selling products.

RazorThink provides the Foresight Demand Forecasting AI SaaS based system. We configure and tune the AI forecast for each company's products/styles and customers. Foresight AI builds sales forecasts by using data found in your Acumatica ERP, and other important internal and external data sources. We run your unique data sets through the Foresight AI system to create the most accurate demand forecast for each individual product/style, and for each individual buyer.

RazorThink is the only company that has productized Demand Forecasting using AI that covers your entire product line and all your buyers at scale like this.


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