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Foresight AI Demand Forecasting System

The market proven Foresight AI Demand Forecasting & Planning system from RazorThink, will dramatically increase your sales and profits by reducing out-of-stocks and over-production. RazorThink's Foresight AI SaaS system gives you the best demand forecast possible.

In 2020 RazorThink launched this disruptive AI solution called Foresight AI Demand Forecasting & Planning SaaS system. This AI demand forecasting & planning service is for companies that sell and/or manufacture tangible products. Each instance of the system is automatically configured to your company’s unique products, sales channels, customers, and important external data sets. The AI models are automatically tuned to your unique product characteristics and customer behavior. AI pipelines are created for each SKU and customer combination, and the AI constantly monitors that relationship.

The Foresight AI Demand Forecasting & Planning system is fully automated and monitors and optimizes inventories, and creates PO's that are sent directly into the Acumatica ERP.

RazorThink is the only Acumatica ADN partner that uses cutting edge behavioral AI to create forward looking predictive sales forecasts for every one of your products and customers. It’s market proven, and even works for new products with little or no historical data.

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  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Delivers the most accurate forecast possible
  • Forecasts provided for each product/style by SKU
  • Forecasts new products/styles with little or no history
  • Forecasts provided for each buyer, at the most granular level
  • Reduces out-of-stocks and over-production while increasing profits
  • Data and market inputs continuously updated
  • Scenario development built-in
  • Ease of adoption and minimal disruption to the teams

About RazorThink

RazorThink is an Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) company based in Silicon Valley exclusively focused on Demand Forecasting & Planning using AI for companies selling and/or manufacturing tangible products. The Foresight AI system delivers the most accurate demand forecast for each individual product/style, and for each individual buyer. RazorThink is the only company that has productized Demand Forecasting and Planning using AI that covers your entire product line and all your buyers at scale.


How Foresight Uses AI


Customer Reviews

Stormo, Alison
Furhaven Pet Products
RazorThink AI Gives us the Best Forecast Possible
February 10th, 2023

We were looking to improve our inventory levels for critical products like covers for our pet beds. Our key challenges were:
*Keeping a reasonable amount of component bed parts on hand when dealing with multichannel sales and varying marketplace trends.
*Our BOM required a more involved forecasting as one component will be needed for multiple SKU's.
*A cover can take 3 months from order to delivery from factories to our distribution centers
*We needed to improve the accuracy of our short term and long-term forecasts
*Future trends were hard to analyze when sales and promotions were involved
RazorThink's Foresight AI Demand Forecasting & Planning system provides us with a comprehensive AI solution providing much more accurate short-term monthly forecasts for 90 days and long term forecast through the end of the next year. It's demand planning optimizes our inventory and ordering frequency ensuring covers are never out of stock. The AI monitors the behavior of every customer and SKU combination. It's transformed our demand planning team into a highly efficient management by exception organization.

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