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Staying competitive in today’s supply chain market has never been more challenging. Distributors and manufacturers need to accurately manage their inventories and improve order fulfillment speeds. They must reduce costs while at the same time improving overall customer satisfaction. Savant Software has partnered with Acumatica to bring supply chain companies a robust ERP and integrated WMS & Shipping Manifest solution to help accomplish these goals.

Savant’s “land and expand” philosophy enables you to select only the WMS features and modules that you need today with the goal of adding more features and modules as your business grows. And unlike many WMS providers, upgrading the Savant WMS is easy and cost effective with minimal disruptions to your warehouse operations. Savant WMS is currently the most certified WMS with Acumatica. These certifications include more than 7 years as an Acumatica Certified Application, more than 4 years as an Acumatica MVP Developer , more WMS Customer Validations than any other provider and lastly, Savant has at least 2 Acumatica Certified Integration Developers here in North America.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • The Most Certified WMS with Acumatica
  • Wave/Batch/Zone Picking
  • Serialization/Lot Control/Code Date
  • Car Putaway/Replenishment/Picking
  • True Pallet Management - License Plating and Multi-Level
  • Rules Based Replenishments
  • Dynamic Cycle Counting - Rules Based and Scheduling
  • ASN Receiving/Shipping with Retail Compliance GS1/GS128/SSCC
  • Multi UOM
  • Built-In Advanced Shipping Manifest
  • Advanced Manufacturing Integration with QMS and Process Manufacturing
  • Shop Floor Tracking with Acumatica Manufacturing
  • Paperless Warehouse
  • Built for the Cloud
  • Full Pallet and Item Picking
  • Integration into Savant’s Other Supply Chain Modules
  • Supports Multiple Hardware Platforms – Zebra and Honeywell Validated

About Savant Software, Inc.

Savant Software has been a certified software partner (ISV) with Acumatica since 2015 and is currently the most certified WMS solution in the Acumatica Marketplace. Savant is a full featured WMS offering tier 1 solutions at an affordable price. If you are struggling to stay competitive, reduce costs and improve order fulfillment times, Savant wants to partner with you to help achieve those goals.

Selecting and implementing a WMS can be challenging. Savant has a proven track record of success implementing our WMS solution in multiple industries. Savant\'s biggest differentiator in this marketspace is its Land & Expand approach that allows Savant customers to grow into the product from a single deployment, single code set, single database, no other WMS can scale from “Beep Beep” scan a barcode to an enterprise multi-site fully automated supply chain automation solution.


Savant ADC/WMS Acumatica Partnership
Savant - Zebra - Sierra Nevada Case Study
Savant WMS - SKU - Honeywell Case Study


Customer Reviews

Cleary Chris, Mr.
Net at Work
Savant WMS is a game-changer for our clients
June 26th, 2024

The solution delivers exceptional efficiency and reliability, transforming warehouse management operations. Our clients have consistently praised its user-friendly interface, which simplifies complex tasks and boosts productivity. The real-time data visibility and accurate inventory tracking are standout features that enhance decision-making.

Additionally, the support team at Savant WMS is top-notch, providing prompt and effective assistance whenever needed.

As resellers, we have seen firsthand how this solution elevates our clients' business performance.

We highly recommend Savant WMS for any company looking to optimize their warehouse management.

Jeter, Stephanie
South Anna Technology
Savant WMS Review
January 5th, 2023

The Savant team has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding warehouse management requirements.
Their robust software and knowledgeable consultants work together to efficiently implement the software and improve business processes along the way.
This knowledge and experience are the keys to a successful implementation integrating Acumatica and Savant.

Greenawalt, Phyllis
Eckler's Automotive
Savant WMS Review
December 9th, 2022

From day one it's been such a pleasure working with the team at Savant. They put their clients first by listening to their WMS needs and helping meet the desired goals through establishing process improvement and best practices. The entire team has a vast knowledge of everything warehouse related and strives to ensure they do their best to make your company successful.

Smith, Robbie
Eckler's Automotive
Savant Saves the Day
May 4th, 2022

During a difficult go-live it quickly became evident that Savant WMS and their team were here to support us well beyond just the WMS software and they continue to do so to this day.
When they say they’ll help with People, Process, Hardware and even the ERP deployment, they are NOT mis-representing their knowledge and commitment to your success! We are fortunate to have chosen Savant WMS.

Augello, Mike
I-Tech Support, Inc.
Robust WMS solution and knowledgeable team
March 2nd, 2022

It has been a pleasure working with Savant and their robust WMS solution. The team is extremely knowledgeable about warehouse management requirements and offers exceptional value by providing clients with process improvement suggestions and best practices.

Kay Alex, Mr.
SWK Technologies, Inc.
Great Team to Partner With!
February 25th, 2022

Chris and the Savant team have been great to work with - the training has been excellent and the effort they have put into the program is really helping us set ourselves up to be a successful partner. We look forward to many successful implementations with the solution and the Savant team.

Dussault Pierre, Mr.
Les Services SIPD Inc.
Savant WMS Review
February 23rd, 2022

SIPD has been partnered with Savant WMS for more than two years. I have been continuously impressed with Savant’s commitment to both the customer and the Partner. When approaching complex WMS projects, Savant WMS will be my first choice.

Tobi Michael, Mr.
G2S Tobeq Inc.
Savant WMS Review
December 22nd, 2021

We had our first Savant implementation done in 2018. Their software combined with Acumatica enabled us to become disruptors in our marketplace through extreme operational efficiencies.

Fast forward three years and a merger with our biggest competitor, we have implemented Savant and Acumatica a second time around for the merged entity in under six months. The head engineer, Diane Cawley, is brilliant at understanding your warehousing business requirements and converting them into WMS code. They are a team of experienced professionals who get things done efficiently and understand warehouse distribution.

We shipped 25% more orders today than our best day on the legacy system and it’s only day 3 of go-live. The sky is the limit for our operational potential with Savant and Acumatica. We're confident that we have powerful and scalable systems we won't outgrow.

Fisher, Ryan
Trace Minerals Research
Savant Review
April 1st, 2021

We selected Savant Software’s WMS because we wanted to be in a position to respond not react as we grow our business. Presently we are only using a fraction of the systems total capabilities.
This gives us great comfort, that for the foreseeable future, we have a system we won’t outgrow. We have been live since June 2020

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