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Sprinterra File Integration Framework

Sprinterra is excited to announce the launch of our specialized add-on for the Acumatica ERP system, improving the way you integrate with third-party applications. Our innovative add-on seamlessly connects Acumatica with FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3 servers, streamlining the import of file data with efficiency.

Our add-on is meticulously designed to simplify the integration process and significantly reduce development time. Instead of creating bespoke solutions for individual client requests, this add-on offers a universal framework. This framework is not only easily customizable but also extendable. Users can craft their own connectors for other external systems and implement unique logic for processing imported data. The add-on handles core functionalities such as server connections, file retrieval, and workflow execution, allowing users to focus on their specific business requirements.

This add-on is enhancing the capabilities of the Acumatica ERP system and elevating its interoperability with other applications. It provides a flexible and scalable solution, capable of adapting to evolving business needs and changing data sources. Sprinterra's add-on offers users unparalleled access to data from various external applications, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration experience.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served

Key features

  • FTP Connection
  • SFTP Connection
  • Amazon S3 Connection
  • File transfer
  • Processing Screens
  • Ability to extend

About Sprinterra

Sprinterra has a global presence. With the workforce located in the US , Europe, Canada and Australia. We offer engagements offshore, onshore, or a mix of both. Our team of professionals which consists of 100+ engineers (developers, business analysts, managers, test engineers, devops, etc) is the source of our innovative expertise.

Sprinterra is recognized as a trusted Acumatica development partner, especially when it comes to complex integrations and development projects and boasts one of the largest in-house Acumatica-certified teams in the industry, with dedicated Business Analysts, certified Project Managers, top-tier software engineers, and designers. Our team can help you with any development task – from a simple screen customization to designing and integrating a new module into your Acumatica ERP and connecting it with other applications or tools in your tech infrastructure. Our developers have thousands of hours of experience in:
➔ Customization ➔ System Integrations ➔ New Module Development ➔ Manual and Automation testing ➔ Upgrades ➔ Business Analysis and Consulting

and much more...


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