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SPS Commerce – Full Service, Fully Embedded EDI Solution for Acumatica

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Acumatica provides a fully integrated, full-service EDI solution embedded in the Acumatica platform. There is no need to leave your system to process EDI.

SPS Commerce offers businesses a simple way to automate and improve accuracy of the EDI processing.

SPS commerce is a full-service EDI solution providing proactive compliance to trading partner requirements and painless EDI compliance.
One connection to SPS Commerce provides:
- Full compliance
- Reduced cost
- Increased revenue
- Improved efficiency
- ERP expertise

Key Benefits
Full-Service EDI Solution
With over 1,500 employees globally, SPS Commerce Fulfillment is a full-service EDI solution providing proactive compliance to trading partner requirements, testing management, monitoring and reporting all under one umbrella.
The World’s Largest Retail Network
Just one connection to the SPS platform grants your business access to the world's largest retail network with more than 90,000 customers worldwide, 250,000 transactions and over $1 Trillion dollars of orders flowing through the system.
Painless EDI Compliance
Our Fulfillment (EDI) solution includes everything you need to quickly, easily and cost effectively comply with any EDI requirement, for any trading partner.
Embedded in your Acumatica System
Our technology is embedded in your Acumatica system enabling you to process your EDI tasks without ever leaving your Acumatica ERP. The team will love the shorter learning curve and the ability to come up to speed quickly.
ERP Expertise
The SPS Commerce team has extensive ERP experience in addition to their EDI experience. EDI becomes more complex when integrating with an ERP. The team knows the Acumatica solution and provides invaluable knowledge and insight when working with prospects and partners. We are here to assist you and prove that SPS Commerce Fulfillment integrated to Acumatica is the best EDI solution.

Acumatica Certified Application
2020 R1, 2019 R2, 2019 R1, 2018 R2, 2018 R1
Natively Built with Acumatica
Industry Served:
Cross industries or eCommerce & Retail
Customer Reviews:

Key features

  • Automation is fully embedded within Acumatica to provide a streamlined user experience and interface that is easy to use

  • Manage EDI processes by exception. Fully automated to improve efficiency throughout the EDI process

  • Extensive selection of automated documents including PO/Invoice, Advance Ship Notice, PO Acknowledgement, Vendor documents, Warehouse documents and more.

  • Achieve compliance with all your trading partners’ EDI document requirements through a single point of integration

  • Enhance communication with your trading partners and reduce order processing time and errors by removing the need to re-key data

  • Full-service, 24/7 team provides proactive management of new, changing and complex trading partner requirements so you can focus on your business

  • Our reliable and scalable world-class data center can easily handle spikes in order volume, especially during the busy holiday season

About SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is the world’s leading retail network, connecting trading partners around the globe to optimize supply chain operations for all retail partners. We support data-driven partnerships with innovative cloud technology, customer-obsessed service and accessible experts so our customers can focus on what they do best. To date, more than 90,000 companies in retail, distribution, grocery and e-commerce have chosen SPS as their retail network. SPS has achieved 76 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and is headquartered in Minneapolis. For additional information, contact SPS at 866-245-8100 or visit www.spscommerce.com.

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SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Acumatica


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