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SPS Commerce – Full Service, Fully Embedded EDI Solution for Acumatica

SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Acumatica is a fully integrated, full-service EDI solution embedded in the Acumatica platform that provides everything you need to connect your trading partners. We bring proven technology and EDI experts to manage the process from implementation through ongoing, day-to-day operations.

For years, SPS Commerce has been helping customers with their Acumatica EDI integration needs. With Acumatica EDI automation from SPS, you can eliminate the time and cost of human errors due to manual data entry. We pride ourselves on providing proactive compliance to trading partner requirements.

Gain Efficiency and Scalability through Automation
Many of your existing processes can be automated with our EDI solution, using and applying business rules unique to your organization. Instead of spending time extracting, translating and loading data, automate the process and gain new capabilities for validating and enriching the information.

Embedded in your Acumatica System
Our technology is embedded in your Acumatica system, enabling you to process your EDI tasks without leaving your Acumatica ERP. Your team will love the shorter learning curve and the ability to come up to speed quickly.

ERP Expertise
The SPS Commerce team has extensive ERP and EDI experience. EDI becomes more complex when integrating with an ERP system. The team knows the Acumatica solution and provides invaluable knowledge and insight when working with prospects and partners.

Reduce Data Entry Needs and Minimize Errors
EDI integration ensures that your data is transferred seamlessly and accurately within the Acumatica system, reducing errors and decreasing the cost of manual processes. Companies using SPS solutions have cut thousands of hours in manual data entry tasks.

Meet all Trading Partner Requirements with a Single Connection
Other EDI systems require a unique connection with every retail partner. This error-prone process involves costly maintenance. A one-time connection with SPS delivers access to thousands of leading retailers, vendors, grocers, distributors, 3PLs, manufacturers and more. Achieve compliance with your trading partners’ complex order management models, including ship-to-DC, ship-to-store, drop shipping and more.

Improve EDI Performance, Minimize Costs
When you do EDI on your own, the software, hardware, licensing fees, IT staff and energy costs add up. Our predictable, all-inclusive monthly fees include all maintenance, updates and mapping changes. The SPS full-service team manages your EDI operations on your behalf so you can reduce EDI maintenance costs and unforeseen expenses.

Boost Visibility Across Your Business
Empower staff with the information they need to do their best work. Our solution enables IT personnel to see every transaction and how documents are flowing through the system, while giving customer service the information they need to answer questions about business documents.

Pre-Built EDI Compliance
Never worry about maps, spec changes or updates again. Once you connect to our full-service EDI system, EDI maintenance is always taken care of for you. SPS Fulfillment supports all EDI documents with all trading partners. Whether you’re looking to exchange purchase orders (850/875), invoices (810/880), shipment notices (856), warehouse documents or other documents, our solution is built to send, receive and monitor those transactions on your behalf.

Dynamic Business Rules
Access business rules configured to your specifications, including data standardization, translation and enrichment. Our full-service team supports these business rules 24/7/365 to reduce the need for system modifications and IT involvement. SPS Commerce has an entire implementation and support team of Acumatica EDI experts ready to help whenever you need it.

Visibility and Alerts
Access role-based visibility dashboards and reporting, including real-time confirmations and alerts. Our visibility tools enable business users to respond quickly to customer requests and improve internal process alignment.

The World’s Largest Retail Network
One single, smart connection to the SPS platform grants your business access to the world's largest retail network with more than 105,000 customers worldwide.

  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries

Key features

  • Automation is fully embedded within Acumatica to provide a streamlined user experience and interface that is easy to use
  • Manage EDI processes by exception. Fully automated to improve efficiency throughout the EDI process
  • Extensive selection of automated documents including PO/Invoice, Advance Ship Notice, PO Acknowledgement, Vendor documents, Warehouse documents and more.
  • Achieve compliance with all your trading partners’ EDI document requirements through a single point of integration
  • Enhance communication with your trading partners and reduce order processing time and errors by removing the need to re-key data
  • Full-service, 24/7 team provides proactive management of new, changing and complex trading partner requirements so you can focus on your business
  • Our reliable and scalable world-class data center can easily handle spikes in order volume, especially during the busy holiday season

About SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce is the world\'s leading retail network, connecting trading partners around the globe to optimize supply chain operations for all retail partners. We support data-driven partnerships with innovative cloud technology, customer-obsessed service and accessible experts so our customers can focus on what they do best. To date, more than 105,000 companies in retail, distribution, grocery and e-commerce have chosen SPS as their retail network.



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SPS Commerce Fulfillment for Acumatica


Customer Reviews

Menendez, Alfred
AcuTech Partners
SPS Very responsive and reliable
January 21st, 2021

We are an Acumatica Partner. We migrated one of our long term customers, since 1998 from a legacy ERP system to Acumatica. Their existing EDI provider misrepresented their capabilities, functionality and the solution never worked. This had a sever impact on customer. We called in SPS, they made things happen. Mike Miller was my contact, he was there anytime I needed him, even while on his family vacation. We have used SPS in other customers and when there is a problem, they are there, immediately with a solution plan. Thank you SPS.

Yakely, Kevin
DIG Corp
Knowledgeable, Helpful and Responsive
November 17th, 2020

Both SPS and Mapadoc have been a pleasure to work with providing a smooth and reliable transition with quick support when needed. I am knocking 1 star off since Mapadoc can only be used with SPS, this has caused us exorbitant transaction fees for large volume low dollar .com orders that we previously could directly transfer with our partner.

Mizrahi, Eric
Global Beauty Care
Reliable Support
November 12th, 2020

I have been working with SPS and Acumatica for over 2 years. SPS has been a solid partner, helping with all questions and support issues. Top notch!

Perrin, Bruce
SPS Commerce / MAPADOC
November 12th, 2020

SPS Commerce / MAPADOC have been instrumental in Integra Optics EDI implementation. Both teams have provided exceptional service from the onset of each project to the continuing support after the Go Live!!

Nastashkin, Alex
SWK Technologies, Inc.
Proceed with Confidence
October 29th, 2020

When an Acumatica Partner recommends a solution, that solution is a direct reflection on the Partner. With that in mind, SWK Technologies holds their recommended solutions to a very high standard. As the industry leader in EDI, SPS Commerce has always met & exceeded our high standards by providing a truly integrated & proven EDI solution along with exceptional customer service to SWK and our valued customers.

From discovery and evaluation all the way through delivery & support, SPS takes care of everything by using knowledgeable resources who are fluent in EDI requirements and needs along with applicable Acumatica functionality. Wrapping that all together enables SPS to deliver an exceptional customer & partner experience!

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