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Acu Process Manufacturing

Tayana Holdings LLC

Acu Process Manufacturing (APM) is a carefully woven specialized solution for managing unique requirements of Batch Process Manufacturing companies. This is a native application built using Acumatica Cloud xRP platform, taking full advantage of the modern platform and completely integrating with Acumatica’s other modules.

APM comes with following modules integrated with core modules of Acumatica Cloud ERP: Formulation, Packaging (BOM), Production, Quality, Properties, Compliance & Data Collection.

A quick to implement elegant solution helps you easily manage your distinctive manufacturing processes including formulas/recipes, quality control, bulk production, fill tickets, intermediate products, container tracking, private label orders, custom orders and, more!

APM is capable to handle critical needs of batch processing manufacturers such as recipe development, version controlling of recipes/formulas, compare & scale formulas, documenting manufacturing instructions, lot control ability and regulatory compliance.

Industries Served:
- Food & Beverage
- Nutraceuticals
- Pharmaceuticals & Homeopathy
- Biotechnology
- Botanical Extracts
- Hemp
- CBD Oil
- Chemical
- Lubricants
- Paint, Ink & Coatings
- Adhesives
- Janitorial & Sanitation
- Additives (Master Batches)

Natively Built with Acumatica
Customer Reviews:

Key features

  • Formula / Recipe Management

  • Produce Bulk & Finished Products

  • Dynamic Component Addition and Component Substitution

  • Formula Comparison

  • Backflush labor and other costs

  • Toggle UOM at Production

  • Scaling/Resizing of Formula

  • Manage Consumables separately

  • Formula version control

  • Re-fill products

  • Re-work your production batches

  • Manage Co-Product, By-Products

  • Formula & Production Costing

  • Manage Yield in production

  • Build Formula for a specific Customer

  • Comprehensive Costing Analysis

  • Manage & Analyze Physical Properties

  • Manage Allergens & Storage Conditions

  • Extensive Quality Management: Linked with Purchase, Sales, Inventory & Production

  • QC Checklists, Specialized Tests

  • Recurring & Stability Tests

  • QC Tags

  • Assign Test Inspectors and Track Costs for QC

  • Compliance Management; example, SDS, Safety (HACCP), etc.

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • Print Labels (GHS, Supplemental info)

  • Bi-directional Traceability & Recall

  • Investigation records for NC; perform RCA; record CAPA

About Tayana Holdings LLC

Tayana Solutions provides end-to-end software consulting, ranging from eCommerce, Production, Quality, Regulatory Reporting to Customization.
We specialize in Process Manufacturing domain catering to their unique set of demands that is not understood by general manufacturing products.
Contact us if you are in search of a compassionate & reasonable service provider to experience the benefits of digital transformation.


Datasheet: AcuProcess Manufacturing
Datasheet: AcuProcess Manufacturing, Formula
Datasheet: AcuProcess Manufacturing, BOM
Datasheet: AcuProcess Manufacturing, Quality Control (QC)
Datasheet: AcuProcess Manufacturing, Compliance


Customer Reviews

Dieter, David
July 15th, 2021
Excellent Product

Acu Process Manufacturing is easy to work with and a very powerful process manufacturing system. The Tayana team is excellent to work with--very knowledgeable and flexible.

Farrington, Andrew
Homeopet LLC
July 15th, 2021
Tayana: Great Software with an even Better Team

Having gone through multiple software implementations, we have learned it is crucial to not only find the right software, but also the right team to implement said software. Tayana has the best of both worlds, a robust and comprehensive process manufacturing solution for Acumatica with an amazing team behind it. We appreciate that Tayana is embedded into Acumatica, giving it a very familiar look and feel while adding significant value and capability to our organization.

Sangeetha has been an invaluable resource to our company during the planning phase, taking time to break down the software into bite sized chunks to help us create a path towards our implementation. Her and team are extremely responsive, creative, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The only negative comment is not being able to give 6 stars.

Highly recommend Tayana & team for any company seeking a process manufacturing solution.

Rehman, Abdul
NetSense Business Solutions
July 9th, 2021
Extensive and deep vertical for Acumatica

We are working with Tayana team on 3 projects. The solution is complete and embedded into Acumatica seamlessly and adds a lot of value to our customers and Acumatica as a product. We especially like the formulation, Item Properties, Packaging, and the quality controls part of the solution. Look forward to closing more projects successfully with Tayana team.

Dissanayaka, Sumedha
Platned Syngco Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
March 24th, 2021
Process Manufacturing Demo

Team did a superb demo of Process Manufacturing capabilities in Acumatica. Thanks @Sangeetha and team.

Augello, Mike
I-Tech Support, Inc.
December 15th, 2020
Comprehensive Process Manufacturing Solution

The solution is feature-rich and and like the entire Acumatica solution it is easy to use. Having the QC and Compliance functionality built into the solution is a major plus.

Teichgraf, Brian
Big Country Raw
December 14th, 2020
A knowledgeable and responsive team

We have been very happy in our decision to work with the Tayana Solutions team for implementing Acumatica and the Acu Process Manufacturing piece of our ERP solution. Their team has been extremely responsive to our company's needs and requests, and continue to deliver on their services for customizing and configuring our system.
Tayana has come up with creative solutions using Acu Process Manufacturing that are unique to our business model within the pet food manufacturing industry. From multi-level production to vendor lot traceability with the complexity of third party storage, to tracking production costs, this solution has been able to handle it all. Furthermore, the system is seamless to use as it is native to the Acumatica system and integrates well with other modules.
Vijay and the whole Tayana team have been great to work with and really seem to prioritize their customers' needs. Their depth of knowledge in both production and finance has been an asset in our ERP implementation process. We would recommend their services to anyone who is considering the Tayana team and process manufacturing solution for their business.

Kennedy, Trevin
Marquis Extraction Technology
December 14th, 2020
Tayana Solutions Team: Responsive, Proficient, Dedicated

The Tayana Solutions Team, whom developed our Acu Process Manufacturing module, really went above and beyond. They were available at all hours, even weekends. They worked quickly and efficiently to meet our deadlines. They came up with creative custom solutions to match our specific needs.

Our business has vastly grown and changed since launching Acumatica. Still, the Acu Process Manufacturing Platform has remained versatile enough to accommodate that growth and change with little to no tweaking.

It is hard to imagine a team more responsive to our requests, proficient in executing the work, and dedicated to our success than what the Tayana Solutions team has been. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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