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TPM (Tayana Process Manufacturing) Solution

Tayana Solutions

TPM is a carefully woven specialized solution for managing unique requirements of Batch Process Manufacturing. TPM is a native application built using Acumatica Cloud xRP platform, taking full advantage of the modern platform and completely integrating with Acumatica’s other modules.

TPM comes with following modules integrated with core modules of Acumatica Cloud ERP: Formulation, Production, Quality, Costing and Compliance

A quick to implement elegant solution helps you easily manage your distinctive manufacturing processes including formulas/recipes, quality control, bulk production, fill tickets, intermediate products, container tracking, private label orders, custom orders and, more!

TPM is capable to handle critical needs of batch processing manufacturers such as recipe development, version controlling of recipes/formulas, compare & scale formulas, documenting manufacturing instructions, lot control ability and regulatory compliance.

Industry Served:

Key features

  • Formula/Recipe Management

  • Scaling/Resizing of Formula

  • Manage & Analyze Physical Properties

  • Formula Costing

  • Formula Comparison

  • Formula version control

  • Build Formula for a specific Customer

  • Formula & Production Costing

  • Produce Bulk & Finished products

  • Re-fill products

  • Manage Yield in production

  • Manage Co-Product, By-Product & Waste/Scrap

  • Quality Management: Linked with Purchase, Sales, Inventory & Production

  • Container Accounting

  • Compliance Management; example, MSDS

Benefits for Your Business

Designed specifically for the distributors and producers in process manufacturing industry, TPM helps to keep up with your competing business requirements, but also allows you to get ahead of the curve. It helps you to be more efficient, responsive and profitable in your endeavor.

Since TPM is developed for your industry, it comes with features that is specific for you and thus is easier to implement, saving valuable time and money.

The nuances and the terminology used in TPM is familiar to you (and your colleagues) which helps cut down the training time and thus you can realize quicker ROI (Return On Investments).

You can manage and maintain formulas, QC tests, regulatory reporting, order processing and financials from within the same system which eliminates the requirements for multiple, disparate & disconnected software systems. Due to the industry specific features, the need for customizations and add-on plugins is minimized, further increasing your ROI.

Streamline your production processes and business operations with meaningful workflows, relevant reports and dashboards to enhance visibility, transparency and thus productivity.

About Tayana Solutions

Tayana Solutions’ engineers have in-depth knowledge and experience in building ERP solution for process manufacturing industry from the grounds up. Coupled with superior domain knowledge and exceptional technical abilities, we have built TPM for the process manufacturing industry.

We are willfully customer focused; highly skilled team of professionals. We adhere to our commitments, and help you keep yours, to build long lasting relationships. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify latest trends and develop solutions to enable clients meet their desired goals.

With TPM, we speak your language and understand your industry specific needs.

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