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Acumatica Service Offerings

Here at Acumatica, we take your success very seriously. We promise you personalized service and top-notch support. And because we only sell and implement Acumatica through our network of business partners, we guarantee you a partner who personally understands your unique requirements.

Small and medium sized businesses like yours have diverse needs. Not only do you required an ERP solution that offers you the necessary flexibility, you also want the services available to support the implementation of your unique business processes now and in the future.

View videos of how Acumatica customers successfully implemented ERP and accelerated their businesses.


Your Local Partner Will Be There for You

Requirements & Selection

In the early stages, your partner will help you establish the overall scope and budget for your project and also advise you on how to assemble an evaluation team to oversee a successful implementation.

After your team mutually assembles, prioritizes, and documents your business requirements for the new system, your partner will carefully go over these requirements to determine if Acumatica fits your business needs.

And finally, you and your partner will discuss and establish deployment options to be investigated. Your partner will assist in deploying Acumatica wherever it makes sense for you. Options range from global hosting platforms like Amazon web Services (AWS), to familiar local providers, and even to your own facility.

Implementation Planning, Training, & Support

Based on the scope of the project, you and your partner will jointly develop an implementation project plan for your project team that includes details on how and when data will be migrated or inputted to the system.

While training on and testing the software, you will be creating your new and improved processes. Be sure to utilize your partners’ business process experience to suggest improvements where applicable. Your partner may have you use a “sandbox” to perform these activities. By using a sandbox with a snapshot of your data, you have a safe learning environment where nothing will be changed in your live data.

Consulting, Customization, and Upgrade Services

We want you to get the most of your software investment. Our experienced partners have the business knowledge and technical skills to help you tailor, and possibly customize, the software for your business.

And as Acumatica releases product enhancements and your business grows, your local partner can fine-tune the flexible Acumatica software to fit your new needs. They are there for you over the long term to advise, consult, support, train, and provide services related to IT and business applications.

Services Provided by Acumatica

Customer Portal

The Acumatica Self-service Customer Portal offers a primary hub to connect with the latest support and educational content. Furthermore, it acts as a gateway to Acumatica’s community of customers—where you can share ideas on topics of interest. Registration, self-service, and community-driven support are available to you at no additional charge, as well as access to:

  • Product downloads
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Product suggestion submission and voting
  • Latest product documentation

If you have suggestions or do not have access to the Customer Portal, please click here.

Customer Premier Support

The Acumatica Premier Customer Support program supplements the support program you may already have with your Acumatica partner. In addition to the self-help services you get on the new Acumatica Customer Portal, the Acumatica Premier Customer Support program provides a number of other benefits, such as online case management and chat support; emergency after-hours support; and direct access to technical product experts at Acumatica. For more information, download the data sheet here .

Acumatica Annual Summit

Get the most out of your investment in Acumatica by attending the annual gathering of customers, partners, and Acumatica team members. At the event, you will learn more about the current state of Acumatica ERP and gain access to share your thoughts on the future direction of the company and product direction. Held at the beginning of the year, the 2016 Summit was in Orlando, Florida, the 2017 Summit was in La Jolla, California, the 2018 Summit was in Nashville, Tennessee and the 2019 will be in Houston, Texas. Videos of last year’s presentations are on the Customer Portal for customers that could not attend the event in person.

Open University

Now accessible to everyone, Acumatica Open University provides training lessons on an ever-growing list of Acumatica Cloud ERP suites and modules. The portal helps educate implementers and users, and—for the developers looking to learn the application side of the Acumatica—the Open University provides great offerings to supplement the development resources on the Acumatica Developer Network.

YouTube Videos

For a rich assortment of videos to discover a new product tip or watch a business application demonstration, visit the Acumatica Video Library.

Community Forums

Acumatica user groups and community forums:

Outage or Connectivity Issue?

If you have lost connection to your Acumatica instance, please report the issue immediately.
Also make sure to notify your Acumatica Reseller.

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