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Malaysia Gains Access to Cloud ERP Via Long-Term Agreement Between Acumatica and Censof

Christian Lindberg | September 28, 2016

Acumatica could not be more proud to announce its long-term agreement with Censof (Century Software), a prominent Malaysian software vendor specializing in financial management solutions. We selectively partner with companies who are as excited as we are to deliver Cloud ERP excellence, so this alliance couldn’t be any more perfect.

“Censof has a long history of providing world-class financial services and innovation,” said Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica. This is a perfect fit, because our newest and most flexible platform, Acumatica 6, is designed to support finances and accounting anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Malaysia Gains Access to Cloud ERP Via Long-Term Agreement Between Acumatica and Censof

Our new partnership with Censof will help more people understand the important stuff in business: that Cloud computing is the future, that widgets on Acumatica 6 dashboards are as easy to use as apps on a smartphone, and that we’re stronger when we combine amazing software to produce fantastic results for customers.

Currently, Censof provides software services for the commercial Malaysian market—as well as non-profit government entities. The breadth of their experience lends excitement to the partnership. Acumatica and Censof, together, will be able to facilitate even better services for their customers.

Like Acumatica, Censof is focused on global expansion. In addition to a significant Malaysian software solutions presence, the new Acumatica partner also has branch operations and associates in Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia, the Philippines, and the United States.

Speaking of Censof’s history of success, Roskill added, “Their cloud-based ERP offering will continue that tradition, and give customers unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and mobility. We are very excited about the market opportunity in front of them.”

To a great extent, the success of the Acumatica-Censof alliance is brought on by the increasing global demand for Cloud-based ERP services. According to our press release, “This new partnership—adds to the growing number of alliances for Acumatica—represents continued growth and revenue for both companies, driven by the continuing worldwide adoption of Cloud ERP.”

Companies with the boldness and vision to see the business agility, adaptability, and streamlined productivity of the Cloud become industry leaders by making strides just like these. As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Censof is poised to engage a market that is more than ready for a leading provider of cloud-based ERP software services.

Censof is one of the most capable and professional OEMs with whom we have formed an alliance. We’re really looking forward to the launch of their Cloud ERP product, powered by Acumatica. Great things do happen when great companies work together. Read more about Censof here. And be sure to check out Acumatica 6, too.

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