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4 Acumatica Customers on How They Realized Digital Transformation through Integration

Ray Rebello | October 9, 2019

Is digital transformation through integration just a buzzworthy theory or is it a real-life application? Four Acumatica customers say their experiences of transforming into connected businesses prove the legitimacy of digital transformation.

Digital transformation, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, is a popular term. In a recent post, Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill calls digital transformation a “buzz-phrase of the moment.” The thing is, buzzwords let us know what tech trends are here, or are emerging, so we pay attention, and so should businesses that want to compete in the digital marketplace.

Businesses running on legacy ERP systems are disconnected, inefficient, and inflexible. To become a connected business, they must experience digital transformation. The transformation comes through the implementation of modern cloud ERP technology that automates their business processes and provides real-time data, in-depth data analysis, and mobility. The technology also—and perhaps most importantly—allows them to integrate with their ERP’s modules and with vital third-party applications.

Digital transformation is not theoretical supposition, it’s a fact substantiated by real-life applications by real-life businesses, such as experienced by these four unique businesses:

  • Danforth Pewter, provider of handmade pewter products since 1975 (with roots back to 1755), used the same disconnected systems for 24 years. They wanted an ERP that could manage their financial and ordering processes and that integrated with a POS system. Acumatica’s affordable cloud-based ERP met their requirements and transformed their business.
  • Superprem Industries is a distributor of home products, including Pearl, the sink and faucet arm of the company. Their ERP system couldn’t provide the connectivity across their four different offices or the integration with third party applications they needed. With Acumatica, their plans to expand are now possible.
  • Shoebacca, an online shoe retailer, grew from a mom-and-pop brick and mortar store to a powerful eCommerce business in a short amount of time. Keeping up with disconnected eCommerce software solutions wasn’t possible, so finding Acumatica’s fully integrated and customizable solution was exactly what they needed for interoperability, rapid growth, and increased profits.
  • Korpack, a leading industrial packaging supplier, implemented Acumatica’s cloud ERP software when the company began. As a modern, affordable, mobile, customizable solution, one that integrates with their third-party applications, Acumatica helped Korpack skip the digital transformation phase and go directly to digital marketplace success.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch these four businesses as they explain how they recreated their business processes and strengthened their competitiveness through digital transformation and integration.

Four businesses representing four different industries and each one experienced the same real-world benefits of Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution. Their digital transformations through integration have resulted in undisputed success, and you can do the same.

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