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Troy Vars
Troy Vars
Troy is a Developer & a Senior Consultant for CS3 Technology, LLC. His passion for programming started at an early age when his family picked up a Tandy PC and a beginner’s guide to BASIC. A tutorial that used PRINT command with a series of spaces and X’s to display an image of Snoopy and Woodstock on screen, instilled in him a love of making a PC do things for him. Troy leveraged his love of programming moving from a warehouse employee to an executive-level Business Relationship Manager. Along the way, he implemented SAP on 5 continents and developed several web portals connected via ABAP and BAPI’s. On April Fool’s Day of 2015, he began the 5+ year journey to being an Acumatica evangelist. Along the way, he picked up knowledge of C#, .Net Framework, and the powerful customization potential from Acumatica xRP Framework. All the while completing 15 implementations with custom screens and integrations to various client sites. Troy’s unique talent is that he combines a high level of business acumen and technical knowledge. This often places him in the role of translator and/or facilitator in group settings.

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