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Fulfilled by Acumatica: What It Means for Acumatica Customers and Solution Providers

The ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ program promotes remarkable business growth and increases customer satisfaction. Here’s how.
Louisa Gooding | March 14, 2023

Fulfilled by Acumatica: What It Means for Acumatica Customers and Solution Providers

As over 10,000 customers—and counting—can attest, Acumatica delivers an award-winning cloud ERP solution built on a future-proof platform that helps small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) thrive in a digital economy. It’s why we’re the fastest growing cloud ERP solution on the market today, and this phenomenal growth is reflected in our rapidly expanding Acumatica Marketplace, which features hundreds of innovative, third-party applications.

These unique applications—provided by Acumatica ISVs—extend Acumatica’s core cloud ERP offering, thus providing customers with a single, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution for centrally managing their industry-specific requirements. To be a part of the Marketplace, each ISV application must undergo a thorough validation process in order to earn the Acumatica-Certified Applications (ACA) badge. Once they do, they’re committed to delivering quality solutions that follow Acumatica’s roadmap.

Every application within the Acumatica Marketplace is a qualified, value-filled option, but within the Marketplace, there exists a subset of ISV applications. These applications are part of Acumatica’s premier ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ (or FbA) program.

Today, we’ll explain what the FbA program is and how it serves our customers, partners, and solution providers.

‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ and How It Serves Acumatica Customers and Partners

Simply put, the FbA program gives customers and partners the ability to buy third-party applications directly from Acumatica. The applications appear on the Acumatica price list, simplifying the purchasing and billing process for both the solution provider and the customer. And FbA applications can be bundled with core Acumatica modules and editions.

3G Pacejet—a complete shipping solution—has been a certified FbA partner since 2020. Director of Partnership and Alliance, Michael Mahanna, says the FbA program has allowed 3G Pacejet to strengthen its partnership with Acumatica and better serve its customers.

“As a FbA partner, we can deliver the best shipping that flawlessly integrates into the Acumatica ERP,” Mahanna states. “Also, our value-added resellers can clearly show customers what they are getting at the time of initial purchase and renewal since our solution is listed on the final order.”

He adds:

We can provide a more tightly integrated shipping solution to our customers, helping them to improve efficiencies and accelerate their growth. Not only do 3G Pacejet customers get a solution that is guaranteed to be compatible with Acumatica, but they get an integration that will always remain current and has no performance impacts.

FbA partners like 3G Pacejet are hand-selected and carefully screened. They must have 10 (or more) satisfied mutual customers and commit to Acumatica’s Always Current Program, which automatically updates the application monthly and upgrades it semi-annually to ensure its certified on the latest release.

Currently, 25 ISVs are participating in Acumatica’s FbA program, including the latest application Netstock—a leading supply chain planning software and an ACA available on the Acumatica Marketplace. Netstock’s press release announcing its acceptance into the FbA program notes additional program requirements:

  • Guarantee a seamless integration between the application and Acumatica.
  • Confirm the application does not affect the overall performance of Acumatica.
  • Ensure data consistency within the Acumatica environment.
  • Verify that the application is developed by Acumatica-certified developers.
  • Demonstrate that the applications meet strict security requirements.

In response to being accepted as an FbA partner, Don Martin, VP, Channels at Netstock, says in the press release:

On behalf of the leadership team at Netstock, we are thrilled to be part of the Fulfilled by Acumatica program. Aligning Acumatica’s industry-leading cloud ERP product with Netstock’s market-leading supply chain optimization product, we can provide customers with real-time prescriptive inventory recommendations. This enables businesses to make smart and predictive inventory decisions. We look forward to many years of successful customers who align their Acumatica ERP with Netstock’s Inventory Advisor product suite.

What Other FbA Partners Have to Say

Like 3G Pacejet and Netstock, SPS Commerce—a full-service EDI solution—is an FbA partner and has been since July 2021. Moh Damerchi, SPS Commerce Senior Channel Manager, Acumatica, explains why they pursued the opportunity:

Being part of the FbA program is a testament to our commitment to our partnership with Acumatica, the VAR community, and our customers. SPS is dedicated to delivering a seamless customer experience and the best integration with Acumatica all while instilling confidence with VARs to sell our service, who contribute to the overall success of the Acumatica community.

According to Damerchi, the FbA program “enables customers to partner with the only EDI provider built for, directly endorsed, distributed, and certified by Acumatica.” He also says the FbA program solidifies the strong relationship between Acumatica and SPS. “When we’re aligned, we can both deliver a more seamless experience to customers and the VAR community, which in turn offers positive growth to the eco-system.”

Workforce Go!—a cloud-based human capital management and payroll solution—has been an FbA partner since April 2022. According to Kimber Crumlish, Director of Channel Development, investing in their partnership and integration with Acumatica was a “savvy business strategy.”

“Our Acumatica practice had been building for several years and more and more clients and resellers were joining the Acumatica community,” she says. “Excited about the growth potential and looking for a higher level of engagement, we felt strongly that joining the FbA program was the way to accomplish that.”

As it turns out, they were right.

Says Crumlish:

Joining the FbA program has been an incredible win for us!  We have not only seen an increase in our VAR activity, we’ve already seen an increase in lead volume and closed sales.  We receive tremendous support from our Acumatica team who has been instrumental in helping us communicate our value proposition to the Acumatica community.

And Crumlish says Workforce Go! customers benefit as well. These benefits include:

  • Peace of mind knowing that Workforce Go! solutions and integrations are well tested and “always current.”
  • Easy acquisition of their modules through their Acumatica VAR and a simplified purchasing process.
  • Working with two like-minded organizations.

Says Crumlish, “The Acumatica “Customer Bill of Rights” closely aligns with the Workforce Go! customer success model, so our mutual customers can be confident our organizations will work together to ensure their expectations are exceeded.”

Grow with Acumatica’s ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ Program

Ensuring customer and partner growth is the ultimate goal for our ‘Fulfilled by Acumatica’ program, and it’s been a tremendous success. We’re excited to continue providing Acumatica ISVs—who are diligently working to boost their Acumatica business and provide their customers with seamlessly integrated applications—with this amazing opportunity.

To learn more about the FbA program or about Acumatica’s advanced cloud ERP solution, please contact our experts today.

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