Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2023 R1 Overview

Acumatica released 2023 R1, the first of our biannual product updates, on April 4th.
Superior Usability with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Below are the themes and details on the key features of 2023 R1:

Empower Users with Exceptional Usability

Traditionally, ERP applications have been perceived as unintuitive, back-office solutions. Acumatica’s modern, true-cloud solution breaks this paradigm with industry-leading usability. Acumatica’s Cloud ERP puts technology novices and digital natives alike in the driver’s seat and allows them to focus on innovation and value-added work. Our numerous usability awards are based on the direct feedback of hundreds of actual users who have evaluated many other mid-market ERP solutions.

Feature Benefits for Usability:

  • Highlight and provide additional information about new features via the hover functionality, which will not interrupt the user’s workflow.
  • Improve business event transparency by sending notifications about event activity to users who previously owned the event, such as support or sales staff.
  • Optimize the approval process by choosing a user to receive another user’s approval requests over a predefined period. (Watch Video)
  • Increase visibility and find data faster with the preview mode, which renders recognized documents in the side panel.
  • Balance user experience and security by allowing users to adjust the system’s default logout time in their preferences.
  • Increase the accuracy of your internal controls and reporting by uncovering errors, omissions, or duplications by synchronizing fixed assets and GL periods.
  • Boost precision and reduce manual errors with automatic tax zone assignment based on entered addresses (country, state, postal code). (Watch Video)
  • Track and analyze your pipeline’s performance and overall health while identifying opportunities for growth via robust out-of-the-box opportunity summary reports. (Watch Video)
  • Enhance tax reporting processes for your Canadian business by reviewing history and surfacing remittance reports in Acumatica before submitting the T5018 form to the Canadian Review Agency (CRA).
Evolve Your Business with an Intelligent Platform

The global pandemic and current macroeconomic climate have made things more difficult for businesses striving to compete and thrive. Acumatica’s powerful platform provides the intelligence, flexibility and efficiency businesses need to meet today’s challenges. With native mobility and an open architecture for rapid integrations to extended applications with artificial intelligence and machine learning, our modular, agile platform enables a connected enterprise. It’s designed for the way businesses operate today and in the future.

Feature Benefits for Platform:

  • Strengthen global operations by retrieving values in any language through OData.
  • Streamline AP processes by automatically exporting ACH payments in the proper file format and enabling users to specify accounts for each vendor. (Watch Video)
  • Save payment processing time and effort by creating batch payments with the Prepare Payments form. (Watch Video)
  • Enable additional workflow capabilities and automate with intelligence by triggering actions through business events.
  • Send emails and share files with internal and external contacts without leaving Acumatica; our Gmail Integration makes a leading web-based email service accessible from inside Acumatica. (Watch Video)
Dominate Vertical Segments with Industry-Focused Functionality

Acumatica understands that to make our customers successful; we must deliver targeted functionality to meet their specific industry and sub-industry needs. Therefore, our smart industry solutions offer comprehensive capabilities that align with specific verticals and their unique requirements. Our powerful Industry Editions are specifically tailored to help Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail-Commerce, and Construction businesses succeed.

Feature Benefits for Distributors, Retailers, and Commerce Merchants:

  • Streamline counter sales, will-call orders, and in-person returns from a single screen. (Watch Video)
  • Expedite and standardize system and data access with 18 pre-defined sales, purchasing, and inventory security roles, such as sales managers, salesclerks, buyers, receivers, shippers, and more.
  • Increase the flexibility of your pricing tactics per customer and item variant with simplified matrix item creation, through which you can easily define variant characteristics for each object generated from the template.
  • Keep a constant view of inventory levels across your Merchant-Fulfilled Network (MFN) websites on Amazon with seamless data flows from Acumatica’s back-end system.
  • Boost your B2B sales and delight customers with exceptional Shopify storefronts; capture multiple buyers under a single corporate account, while Acumatica makes it easier to manage selling profitably. (Watch Video Part 1) (Watch Video Part 2)

Feature Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Streamline manufacturing reporting, correct previously entered transactions, and empower employees by entering labor, material, move, and disassembly information directly from Production Order Entry. (Watch Video)
  • Save time with side-panel access to purchasing, sales, inventory, and manufacturing information from data entry screens (Production Orders, Bills of Materials, Estimating, Sales Quotes, Sales Opportunities, Material Requirements Planning, and Scheduling). (Watch Video)

Feature Benefits for Contractors and Service Organizations: 

  • Gain insights into construction data with on-the-fly report filters and an updated, unified report design for improved readability. (Watch Video)
  • Save time with simplified joint payee and lien waiver processes, including automated maximum available payment balances and automated compliance document creation. (Watch Video Part 1) (Watch Video Part 2)
  • Monitor revenues, costs, and profits and track how they impact each project with automated budget quantity calculations. (Watch Video)
  • Empower remote workers with the Acumatica mobile app, through which they can instantly access drawing logs, submittals, annotations, and progress worksheet activities from daily field reports.

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