Acumatica Microsoft Teams Integration

Send text messages, call, and share files with colleagues without leaving Acumatica. The Microsoft Teams Integration makes the world’s leading collaboration software accessible from inside Acumatica. Now users can collaborate freely with internal and external contacts by clicking on the Teams icons within their Acumatica interface. The native integration connects Acumatica business events and records to Microsoft Teams chats, channels, and meeting files.

Boost Collaboration and Streamline Operations

Get work done faster and easier with Acumatica’s native Microsoft Teams integration. Streamline workflows, approvals, and more while automatically creating a clear audit trail for each activity. Select the contact or channel you want to interact with directly from Acumatica Leads, Contacts, Case, and Business Event screens by clicking on the corresponding Teams icon. Share deadline-driven documents, like invoices, with a contact or a group with a few clicks of the mouse. Keep everyone up to date with the latest changes with trigger notifications sent from Acumatica business events to the designated MS Teams channel and contacts.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Gain Efficiency

    Enable employees to get their questions answered as soon as they arise by contacting the right Teams contact from their Acumatica interface. Notify users of critical status and events with automated alerts. Get essential documents, like payment data, to the right people in real-time by attaching them to a Teams message. Import files from Teams directly into the relevant Acumatica record.

  • Fuel Real-Time Collaboration

    Enable users to reach colleagues via chat or call or set up a meeting fast. Allow users to choose their preferred communication method. Freely share documents and links to corresponding Acumatica records.

  • Enhance Transparency

    Provide at-a-glance access to the availability of specific contacts. Present audit trails of messages and attachments for individuals and groups. Enable real-time communication with all relevant colleagues and partners through group messages.

Important Features of Acumatica Microsoft Teams Integration

Intuitive, Bi-Synchronous Collaboration

Start a Teams message or call to internal colleagues and external partners from Acumatica’s Cases, Business Events, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunity Screens by selecting the contact’s name and clicking on the chat, message, or meeting icon.

Communication Audit Trails

Access and maintain full audit trails of each message, chat, and meeting.

Automated Alerts

Automatically alert designated contacts or groups in Teams when specific business events occur in Acumatica, such as a payment, approval request, promising lead, or change in ownership of a case.

Record Sharing

Share an Acumatica record with select contacts or Teams groups by adding a link to a Teams message and automatically notifying recipients.

Document Import

Upload documents directly from Teams by opening the files in a message, meeting, or group. Select the Teams button in Acumatica to find and import the file.

Activity Creation

Create an activity to share important information, such as a customer request, with specific groups or channels and automatically post it to Teams and notify members.

Contact Management

Maintain Teams contacts’ names, profile pictures, and contact information for internal colleagues and external partners in the Acumatica interface.

At-a-Glance Status Information

View real-time availability of all internal contacts within Acumatica by clicking on each person’s name from the contacts list.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"Acumatica has been a game changer. It’s made a huge difference in how we do things, how we can access everything we need from anywhere, and allowed our salespeople to work remotely."
Hector Pinto, CEO and co-Founder
Quality Material Handling, Inc.
"The key thing for us with Acumatica is that not only was it web-based, but it wasn't purely cloud. We liked that we could control it ourselves, so we bought the on-premises model. Acumatica also makes it very easy to integrate with other software and has many more features."
Ryan Brown, CEO
xByte Technologies

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