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Reporting and Dashboards

Accelerate decision making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of your business overall and focused views of departments and functions.

How Reporting and Dashboards can work for you

Monitor current financial, operational, and organizational information. Analyze real-time trends related to individual job functions. Create personalized dashboards tied to roles and responsibilities. Display different types of information in a variety of presentation forms including text, charts, graphs, and tables.

Acumatica delivers stunning dashboards with large selection of visualizations, pivot tables, and Microsoft Power BI. The management and configuration of dashboards have been significantly enhanced in Acumatica ERP 6, making it far more convenient to add new dashboards, manage existing dashboards, and configure widgets on dashboards, even from mobile devices. Acumatica was the first ERP solution to support embedded Microsoft Power BI components and is now provides a level of self-service BI that truly enables real-time analytics for improved decision making.

View these videos to see the functionality available to Acumatica users:

2017 New UI and Dashboards

Key Benefits of Reporting and Dashboards for your Company

  • Fully-integrated reporting engine

    Retrieve online reports for better, faster, more informed decisions. Produce reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word formats to easily share with others. Create signed PDF documents and deliver them via email.

  • Interactive dashboards

    Use dashboards for one page customized views of key information in a visual format (tables, pie charts, various graphics) from multiple sources. Dashboard content is dynamically generated for real-time results.

  • Personalized reporting experiences

    Design your own dashboards, with little or no training, to access customized views of real-time information. Customize a “home” dashboard for each user and each functional area.

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Important Features of Reporting and Dashboard

  • Business reports designer

    Create visually-compelling reports including sales reports, check forms, invoices, and many more. Easily design new reports or customize predefined reports with Acumatica Business Reports Designer.

  • Customizable by users

    Reports and dashboards are completely customizable by non-technical users.

  • Drilldown reporting

    Access greater levels of detail with the ability to drill-down into reports and trace data back to the original entry or document.

  • Inquiries for quick views

    Quickly access information through on-screen inquiries – no need to configure or download a report.

  • Interactive report viewing

    Enhance report value with an interactive experience that includes clickable results that can be modified to provide different views.

  • Report scheduling

    Schedule reports to run at predetermined frequency with automated report distribution.

  • Filters

    Apply ad-hoc filters to display only the data you need at that moment. Leverage (reusable) saved filters to create and modify complex selections.

  • Microsoft Excel integration

    Export inquiries to Excel. Every refresh in Excel updates to the latest data from Acumatica.

  • Aggregate data using pivot tables

    For fields with multiple segments, users can aggregate data by selected segments into pivot tables. Similarly, users can create pivot tables that aggregate data by specific periods of time, such as days, months, or quarters.

  • Shared user experience

    For organizations with specific requirements for processing documents in Acumatica ERP, administrators can set a default layout configuration for all users. This configuration can be overridden for groups that have different layout requirements.

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