Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

How Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Can Work for You

Manage and monitor your shop floor schedule and work center capacity, both finite and infinite. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling allows manufacturers to consistently and cost effectively meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on actual availability of resources.

Optimize manufacturing productions by integrating key elements; materials, production capacity,  process  sequence,  and  facility  schedules,  into  a  powerful,  real-time  planning and execution application. Advanced Planning and Scheduling software allows users what-if planning capability, real-time available-to-promise as well as the ability to accurately schedule employee and/or machine resources. It allows you to more accurately determine requirements for materials and capacity while providing efficient use of production assets.

What every mid-sized manufacturer should know about business technology.

Key Benefits of Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software for Your Company

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling

    Know how much work can be produced in a given time period, taking into account limitations on various resources.

  • Rough Cut Capacity Planning

    Verify that you have sufficient capacity available to meet the capacity requirements for your master schedule.

  • Work Center Utilization

    Compare the available hours for a work center to the actual hours that are scheduled for a work center.

Gain new insights for improving bottleneck & shortage occurrences, labor, material, and finished goods tracking, configuring custom products, quoting, order entry, and production processes and more!

Important Features of Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Work Center Capacity Planning

    Enables the system to plan, monitor, and provide details regarding the work center.

  • What-if Scenarios

    Provides the user the ability to set custom parameters and use those to forecast other, usually unrelated, parameters.

  • Machine Scheduling

    Allows the user to schedule certain machines only at times when both the machine and the employee running it are available.

  • Tool Scheduling

    The ability to schedule tooling required in a production process.

  • Capable-to-Promise

    Meet customer delivery demands while optimizing machine and tool capacity, as well as all material options.

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