Product Configurator

Expedite bill of material creation, improve costing, and streamline sales processes with the rules-based product configurator software.

Manage Complex Manufactured Items with Ease

The rules-based product configurator provides flexibility to define attributes and formulas to create a unique bill of material and routing for finished goods with calculated costs and pricing. Configure products based on features, options, and dimensions to streamline the quote-to-order and manufacturing process. Configure manufactured items for quotes, sales orders, and production orders.

Key Benefits of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Product Configurator for Your Company

  • Create configured orders in seconds

    Create a new configured order by simply copying or modifying an existing configured order or quote.

  • Gain control over revisions

    Make multiple revisions of the same configuration while maintaining a history of the revisions and who created them.

  • Determine prices with ease

    Based upon the features and options chosen, the system has multiple price roll-up capabilities to determine the actual unit price for a specific configured item.

Important Features of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Product Configurator


Configure any finished good using predetermined features and options. The results of the configuration carry forward to a production order.


Manufacturers may build configured products to stock in advance of peak demand seasons using the product configurator to define forecasted finished goods and their variants.

Price Calculation Options

Acumatica supports flexible price calculations for configured products. Calculate prices using a fixed price defined for the parent finished good. You can also roll up the sales price for configuration options and order multiples, including or excluding fixed materials on the bill of material. Prices may also be calculated using defined parent prices plus rolled-up costs for child items and their respective options.

Dimensional Capability

Use multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to calculate the material requirements for specific components of each unique configuration.

Order History and Look-Up

Quickly look up a customer’s previous configuration to create a new order or make adjustments from the prior configuration.

Formula Validation

Validate formula calculations based on a minimum or maximum attribute value or the quantities chosen for selected features and options.

Non-Stock Items

Include non-stock items with stock items in configurations.

CRM Opportunities

Create configured items for sales opportunities in CRM.

Quote to Sales Order Conversion

Configured items on quotes are copied to sales orders when the quote is converted.

Print Configuration Details on Invoices

Configuration options and details may be optionally printed on customer invoices.

Configuration Endpoints

Extend Acumatica’s Product Configurator via web endpoints to leverage rules-based product options and values logic for configured orders from external apps like website storefronts, custom portals, or other applications.

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"When we add a new company, we don’t have to buy extra software user licenses. We just create a new branch in Acumatica and quickly integrate them into Dukathole Group."
Graham Leonard, Chief Financial Officer & Operations Manager
Dukathole Group
"Acumatica is essential to Inspirus as we evolve our products and scale our operations."
Sue Severns, Strategic Realization Office Senior Director
Inspirus LLC

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