Designing Custom Reports in Acumatica ERP

The Acumatica Report Designer lets users design new reports or customize predefined reports to fit their specific needs.

Using the Report Designer in Acumatica ERP

Acumatica ERP comes with a complete set of standard analytical reports to display consolidated and summarized data in a variety of views. Data can be displayed in monthly, yearly, and quarterly views. Reports can provide information from the point of view of departments, selected account classes, and other dimensions.

Using Acumatica’s Report Designer, users can modify standard analytical reports, create a new analytical report, and delete existing reports.

Data security is enforced so that only users and roles with sufficient privileges will have access to sensitive data in standard and custom reports.

The Analytical Report Manager is a web-based tool for creating and modifying analytical reports. Users can design and run custom analytical reports using advanced data selection criteria, data calculation rules, and customizable report layout design features. By using the Analytical Report Manager, you can:

  • Create the layout and structure of reports based on your business requirements.
  • Define data selection criteria for the report with a high level of granularity. For example, data sources can include a range of accounts, subaccounts, and financial periods.
  • Use advanced formulas to calculate values based on the information extracted from the data source.
  • Create consolidated reports based on the data from multiple data sources or other analytical reports.
  • Localize data used by a report if multilingual support of user input is enabled.

Once you save and publish reports, they become available for viewing by other users.