It’s a complex world...and getting more so every day

To thrive and grow, a manufacturer must be responsive to every increasing customer demand for product variety and sophistication. Global consulting firm Accenture confirms that complexity is here to stay in a report* that warns: “Problems can occur, however, when companies lose control of product complexity, which in today’s fast-moving, global, competitive environment has become an all-too-common occurrence.”

For manufacturers, control means having accurate information and making good decisions. Manufactures of stock, custom, or batch products most likely have a proliferation of similar yet distinct products and need more control of the product lifecycle management.

Digital Transformation Through Integration

Key Features

  • Revision Control
  • Effectivity/Expiration Dates
  • Production Steps
  • Phantoms
  • Reference Designators
  • Flexible Copy BOM
  • Unlimited Fixed and Variable Overhead Costs
  • BOM Cost Roll
  • Integrated BOM/Routing
  • Multi-level BOM/Routing
  • Multiple Costing Methods and Capabilities
Handling Complexity in the Product Lifecycle

You need an easy and accurate method to track what you are designing, assembling, blending, or fabricating:

  • Complex product structure in multi-level bills of material (BOM).
  • Detailed routings, including outside processes.
  • Multiple revisions to a product.

Having complete and accurate product and process data can help you drive improvements in:

  • Timely and economical material procurement.
  • Effective production scheduling.
  • As-built configuration documentation to support servicing products in the field.
Complete and Flexible Multi-Level BOM and Routing

The Bill of Material/Routing module manages production specifications that form the framework for planning and operations throughout the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. It offers:

  • Multi-level BOM and routings.
  • Engineering and financial views of the product structure.
  • A revision control system that supports current, past, and future versions of the product with flexible date-driven capabilities.
  • Time-phased purchasing and delivery of materials to manage inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes.
  • Material, subassemblies, work instructions, tools, and overhead costs that are directly connected to an operation to support time-phased release of materials.
  • Routings that support detailed work instructions.
  • Item Reference Designators that reflect multiple drawing reference points.
  • Support for phantom items, non-stocked items, or subassembly groups for planning convenience and optional display in production order detail.
Engineering Change Control for Accurate Records

Engineering Change Control is an essential revision control system for keeping control of data in a rapidly changing world. You can track pending changes. Coordinate with purchasing, production, and inventory. Manage version control and updates to bills of material and routings. And control effectivity dates that specify when changes take effect.

Product Costing Software Provides the Financial View

Product costing must be integral to engineering and operations for accuracy and validity. Raw materials, purchased items, consumable supplies, labor, fixed and variable production overhead – all are tracked in the Acumatica BOM and Routing module. This product costing software allows you to take advantage of revision management for the most accurate cost data.

Acumatica also supports:

  • Multiple costing methods (standard, average, and actual).
  • Unlimited fixed and variable overhead costs, as well as tooling costs.
  • Single level or multi-level BOM cost roll.

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