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Acumatica Partner Referral Program

Creating the ultimate partnership

Do you have a customer who is interested in a cloud-based ERP solution? A customer who would like to receive knowledgeable and timely assistance? And are you interested to learn more about ERP and build strong industry relationships that pay dividends? The Acumatica Partner Referral Program may be a good fit for you.

Your customer is a precious and valuable asset. Before you expose your customer to another organization who sells complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you need to know that your customer, as well as your company, will be well taken care of. Feel confident that your customer will be presented an industry-leading solution and will establish an ERP partner relationship that will provide real value for years to come.

Acumatica is pleased to offer the Acumatica Partner Referral Program, designed to:

  • provide your customer with the leading ERP solution in the mid-market, and
  • provide you with a very real and profitable relationship with a Certified Acumatica Partner (Referral Partner), who is focused on creating “customers for life”.

Here is how it works. When you submit a prospect lead to Acumatica using the Partner Referral Program Submission Form [below], we will first qualify the lead to learn more and then align your prospect with a Certified Acumatica Referral Partner (VAR) based upon location, industry, core prospect requirements or business needs, and other important considerations. As the lifecycle of the lead progresses, as the referring party, you will be informed of major updates along the way, including which reseller your customer was assigned to. After execution of a VAR Referral Agreement (“Referral Agreement”) and upon closing of the sale, the VAR will pay you a minimum of five percent (5%) of the total subscription value under the terms of the Referral Agreement. But even more importantly for you, your VAR will also continue to pay you the 5% referral for as long as the customer renews, and as agreed upon by both parties! So, not only have you created a recurring revenue stream that will grow with each new customer referral to Acumatica, but the focus on the “customer for life” model fosters value in your relationships whereby customer loyalty is established.

This process empowers you to remain focused, without distraction, on your core business, while still meeting the needs of your customers AND generating revenue on an ongoing basis.

What’s in it for you, the referring party?

Acumatica recognizes that the best outcome is when all involved parties feel valued and respected through a collaborative and transparent approach to business. Below are the benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Register your lead without hassle.
  • Save time and money investigating ERP solutions and contacting vendors on behalf of your client. Let Acumatica do the work.
  • Earn a minimum of a 5% referral fee at deal close and payment by the customer. You will also receive 5% at each annual renewal.
  • Build a very real and profitable recurring revenue subscription business. The 5% referral fee is a revenue stream that can grow every time you successfully refer a customer to Acumatica. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can collect.
  • Deliver a market leading cloud ERP solution to your customer, giving you the ability to stay engaged with your customer(s), adding value and ensuring that you don’t sustain the “customer for life” relationship.
  • Develop strong, working partnerships with Acumatica Resellers. The addition of the Acumatica platform to your customers’ solution offers another reason for you to stay in touch your customer, as you continue to add value to their overall solution.
  • Reduce your sales and/or implementation commitments. You earn your 5% referral fee from day one and from your first prospect at payment.
  • Learn about and grow a new ERP business, with the potential of becoming a certified Acumatica VAR in the future. If you can’t invest the time, money and resources required to market, sell, implement and support complex business solutions like ERP software today, rather than losing your customers to someone else, this program allows you to gain critical experience with ERP as well as build some revenue that you can use to invest in an ERP practice in the future – if that is your goal.

Click on the image below to see the requirements each VAR adheres to and why this is good for you, the referring party.

Acumatica VAR Partner Referral Program Datasheet


Why is Acumatica the best choice for your customer?

Customers from all industries, of various sizes, and with varying needs choose Acumatica to run their business. Acumatica helps businesses create efficiencies and drive growth. Acumatica is a global leader in mid-market ERP software that delivers:

  • Connected business: Acumatica’s connected business in the cloud expands your system’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating with other essential platforms.
  • Rapid integrations: Acumatica’s ability to rapidly connect to other platforms, including those with a native interface to Acumatica, combined with our FastTrack implementation methodology, allows customers to get up and running quickly and easily add-on new functionality as the use of Acumatica matures and needs evolve.
  • Remote collaborations: Acumatica’s “born in the cloud” based technology will allow you to work anywhere, anytime, and from any of your devices, including mobile.
  • Business resilience: Surviving and thriving when shifting and unforeseeable forces present, demand that the ERP solution of choice empower businesses to be resilient through remote and connected business operations.
  • Future proof: Protect the investment in your customer’s business by ensuring the business is running on a platform that has built in adaptability to unforeseeable circumstances.

Additionally, Acumatica offers the flexibility of customer choice:

  • Deploy as an on-premise, private cloud or in the Acumatica public cloud which has an uptime of greater than 99.995%.
  • Runs on multiple web and mobile application platforms
  • Unlimited users at no additional cost. Every single employee should be delivering value to the customer and Acumatica absolutely empowers employees, vendors, customers and any other stakeholder that you want accessing your solution.

In addition to the upsides of choosing to work with Acumatica and employ an Acumatica ERP solution, your customer can have the confidence of:

  • your continued support, a trusted resource (you, the referring party), and
  • engaging with an Acumatica certified Referral VAR Partner who is knowledgeable about Acumatica product offerings, including extensions to our product offered through Independent Software Vendors (ISV) on Acumatica’s Marketplace.

Note: Acumatica will not participate in, nor be privy to the negotiated financial arrangement between you, the referring party, and our reseller. A referring party may choose to waive the right to receive compensation if you choose to do so.

If you would like to become a referring party under the Acumatica Partner Referral Program, please review and agree to the terms of the Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreement by completing the form below and clicking the Submit Button.

Partner Referral Program Submission Form

Acumatica values your appreciation for our products and your consideration while reviewing the Acumatica Partner Referral Program. Should you have a customer prospect who has interest in an Acumatica solution, please complete the form below, review and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click submit. Your referral will be reviewed and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.