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DDB Unlimited

Enclosure Manufacturer Uses Cloud ERP to Replace Sage
Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for DDB Unlimited

About DDB Unlimited

Location: Wynnewood, OK

industry: Manufacturing


Application Replaced: Sage
"Acumatica provided an accounting solution that allowed us to streamline operations, eliminate accounting costs, and process orders faster."

DDB Unlimited Employee

Key results for DDB Unlimited

  • Saved $80,000 per year in external accounting expenses through automation and internal process improvements

  • Integrated sales, purchasing, accounting, inventory, and more in a single organized system

  • Eliminated client software and outsourced server operations to reduce IT expenses

  • Challenges
  • ERP Solution
  • Outcome


DDB needed to:

  • Automate business processes across multiple properties, departments, and job functions
  • Gain real time reporting for sales, accounting, and other processes
  • Reduce software costs by taking advantage of Cloud technology
"Acumatica and AIM Solutions helped us reduce software costs and maintenance hassles by moving to the Cloud."

DDB Unlimited Employee

ERP Solution

DDB Unlimited started its search by looking at traditional client-server vendors. The company implemented a Sage MAS 90 system but was unhappy with the fact that processes got slower and more confusing.

Fortunately, DDB Unlimited heard about the Cloud and investigated Acumatica. Using the Cloud, Acumatica could deliver a single system with access from anywhere, realtime dashboards, rapid processing, and centralized management without being a burden on the internal IT department.

Just as important as the cost and features was the service that DDB Unlimited could expect. By working with Acumatica partner AIM Solutions, DDB Unlimited could get customizations and personal service for their Acumatica software the same way that DDB Unlimited provides service to their customers.


DDB Unlimited needed to eliminate manual accounting processes so reports could be created faster and contain real-time data for making business decisions. In the process of streamlining, DDB eliminated $80,000/year in expenses by simplifying and bringing accounting procedures in-house using Acumatica.

Acumatica helped DDB get all of their data in one place. Sales orders and purchase orders are linked to accounts receivable and accounts payable so business transactions and accounting transactions are seamlessly integrated. Data from all Acumatica application suites, such as the Customer Management suite, provides a complete customer lifecycle and history from a single location.

With all the data centrally organized, dashboards created by users and reports created using the Acumatica report writer deliver real-time data to anywhere that it’s needed.

AIM Solutions utilized Acumatica Import Utilities to rapidly migrate data from QuickBooks and Profit 21 to Acumatica. By customizing import processes, AIM Solutions was able to transfer the chart of accounts, current account balances, customers, active orders, active purchases, and other data in under a month.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Mobile
Application replaced:

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