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London Financial Firm Upgrades to Acumatica, Trades Data Problems for New, Flexible ERP
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for FixNetix
Headquartered in London, with offices in Boston, New York, and Tokyo
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  • Improved financial reliability
  • Gained flexible subaccount structure
  • Boosted employee productivity, saving days of work
  • Gained multi-currency reporting and consolidation
  • Improved financial reporting capabilities
  • Reduced reliance on accounting, boosting productivity
Shaun Jackson
"We found Acumatica to be a very good value compared to the total cost of the other mid-range ERP systems we reviewed."
Shaun Jackson, Director of Finance
ERP Solution


Fixnetix needed to:

  • Upgrade from Quickbooks
  • Find a robust system that was still easy-to-use
  • Increase reporting speed and detail
  • Have multi-currency capabilities
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Acumatica partner Tascoli ( frequently fixed Fixnetix’s QuickBooks data errors, which led to a conversation about changing vendors and an introduction to Acumatica, says Shaun Jackson, Director of Finance for Fixnetix.

“We were just looking to fix the errors at the time, but once we learned about Acumatica and reviewed other cloud products, we decided to implement Acumatica,” Jackson says.



“Within two months, we reduced the work and the time spent preparing management accounts,” he adds. “It used to take 10 work days to complete what now takes 7 days. Most of the time savings is due to the automation of billing and deferred revenue/expense. Before, we had to manually generate invoices and deferred postings via journals, which was very time-consuming.”

Jackson says Acumatica’s pricing structure helps them save money. “No longer is there a cost implication in rolling out the system to new users,” he said. “We will be extending the system to the consulting employees, who outnumber the accounting team, but there is no additional software license cost.”

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