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Successful ERP Implementation: Great Commission Publications

Acumatica transforms publisher’s data management, saving thousands of dollars

Great Commission Publications (GCP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America. GCP produces Sunday school curriculum for the founding denomination, churches denominations, and individuals. GCP has approximately 15 employees and generates $2.5 – $3 million in annual revenue.

When Executive Director Marvin Padgett and Director of Operations Jerry Wallace arrived at GCP, they found that significant challenges had developed due to the inadequacies of their previous data management systems. The existing system had been developed primarily for book publishers and GCP users had limited ability to retrieve financial and operational data. Downloading a month’s worth of information might take 30 minutes to an hour and a year’s worth of information was typically not achievable. They knew there had to be a better solution.

About Great Commission Publications

Location: Headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia (metro Atlanta area)

industry: Non-Profit


Application Replaced: Other

Key results for Great Commission Publications

  • Strengthened order-tracking and cut shipping turn-around time by at least half
  • Enhanced employee productivity through remote access via the Cloud
  • Improved financial management with reports on sales activity and shipments


Great Commission Publications needed:

  • Easy access to financial and operational data
  • Financial and distribution systems closely integrated
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
When researching potential ERP systems, I called two or three Acumatica users; I asked if it was robust enough. They laughed and said they weren’t using 10% of its capabilities.
Jerry Wallace, Director of Operations at Great Commission Publications

Jerry Wallace
Director of Operations

ERP Solution

The management team at GCP knew they could identify a better ERP system, so they researched options. “We looked at many of the ERP providers including NetSuite, Intacct, Microsoft, and other major providers.”

Mr. Wallace says that when they discovered Acumatica, “It seemed like it fit everything we would need or might even imagine ourselves doing in the future.”

A key feature that attracted the team to Acumatica was its ability to create reports. “When I came here, the sales people had no comprehensive reports on what customers were buying. We take about 15,000 orders a year over the web and on the phone,” Mr. Wallace says. “There were over 50,000-60,000 line items on those invoices,” he adds. “We weren’t easily able to track customers’ orders on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.”

Benefits for Great Commission Publications

The management team at GCP appreciates many features of Acumatica. Unlike GCP’s old system, it is cloud-based and offers easy remote access to all employees. “With Acumatica, GCP can have every
person in the company as a user without it costing anything extra,” Mr. Wallace says, adding, “We love that. We can get data at any time—if we’re on the road on business, working at home, or a thousand miles away on vacation….”

Mr. Wallace, is ecstatic that he can create reports by using Acumatica’s standard reporting systems, generic inquiries, or downloading data to Excel to create custom reports from a variety of sources. “We can easily run reports by product line, get to numbers two or three different ways, and pull them out pretty quickly,” he says. “We know the status of orders on backorder, on hold, and orders in process of shipping.”

Acumatica has also helped GCP turn orders around much faster. Mr. Wallace reports, “Now we’re shipping everything basically the same day the order comes in and we don’t lose track of orders. Before it was often two or three days, or sometimes weeks, just because of our inability to track what was going on with the order.”

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