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Nebraska Vet Services Consolidates Multiple Enterprises and Disparate Systems with Acumatica
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Nebraska Vet Services
West Point, NE
Agriculture and farming
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Nebraska Vet Services

  • Seamless operations with one fully integrated system
  • Unlimited user licensing allows more staff involvement with the system
  • Automated order system provides real-time visibility of all inventory
  • Time savings of 3 – 4 days per month when updating inventory pricing
  • Intercompany transaction process saves time in manual data entry and bookkeeping work
"For the first time in years, everything is reconciled and up-to-date. We were never fully reconciled with the old system. Now, with Acumatica, we can see accurate information for our whole business, it’s always up-to-date, and we only have to look in one place."
Dr. David Gnad, Veterinarian and Partner
Nebraska Vet Services
ERP Solution


Nebraska Vet Services needed:

  • A higher level of efficiency and accuracy from a single, integrated solution
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Accurate inventory valuation
  • Easy inventory tracking
  • Capability to handle a large amount of data with room for expansion
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

NVS had been working with a company to set up their electronic data interchange (EDI) process, who ended up consulting with them through the software selection process. This ultimately led NVS to Mindover Software. Lloyd Smith, President & Director of Operations at Mindover Software, adds, “Once we looked at what NVS was using and what they were trying to accomplish, we felt the best fit for them was Acumatica. It would not only solve all the issues they had identified, but would provide a level of efficiency they hadn’t even been able to consider. By automating manual processes beyond their software system, NVS was going to be in for a pleasant surprise.

The Acumatica implementation was started at NVS’ West Point, NE headquarters where all the moving parts were funneled into Acumatica’s cloud based solution, and further streamlined for the subsequent implementations at the other locations. The implementation process was also used to fix prior accounting problems, so that subsequent financial reports would be accurate.



NVS is now operating solely on Acumatica. The veterinary-specific system that had been used primarily as a CRM system to keep track of owners, their pets, and pet histories, was now all integrated into one system along with the accounting and inventory.

Before Acumatica, sales people would write up orders and fax them in to the office. Now, thanks to Acumatica’s web-based solution, orders are automated giving NVS real-time visibility of all inventory regardless of location.

Jacobson adds, “There have been several unexpected benefits of implementing Acumatica, too. With our sister companies also on Acumatica, the intercompany transaction process that was set up by Mindover Software saves me a tremendous amount of time in manual data entry and bookkeeping work.”

“Also, since Acumatica is hosted by an off-site server and is ‘in the cloud’, we don’t have to maintain a server at an office. This also means that any of our staff can log into the system from anywhere they have internet access using a phone, tablet, or computer. We are still learning the system, but it has many more reports and different ways of looking at things than our old system did. We can trace a product from receipt to the time that it sells and have all the documentation to go with it. We are planning on implementing barcode scanners within the next year, which should increase accuracy even more.”

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