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Successful ERP Implementation: One Hygienic

Acumatica helps cleaning company increase productivity and sales revenue

Headquartered in Malaysia, One Hygienic specializes in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattresses, carpets/rugs and upholstery, using advanced technology and natural, organic cleaning compounds. One Hygienic Managing Director, Wong Tshun Peei, reports that at first they used Excel and SQL accounting software to manage their financial data.

But in 2015, the company faced major challenges when it had to implement quick and immediate changes to meet compliance standards to the taxes and reporting structures mandated by the government. By switching to Acumatica, One Hygienic is able to not only meet the required compliance standards, but also gain new visibility of financial and customer data to improve profitability of the business.

About One Hygienic

Location: Headquarters in Malaysia with 20 employees; partner operations in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau

industry: Services


Application Replaced: Other

Key results for One Hygienic

  • Optimized processes improve customer service and resource utilization
  • “Anytime/anywhere” access for all staff enhances productivity
  • Strengthened customer data management expands sales opportunities


One Hygienic needed:

  • Compliance with specialized tax and reporting structures
  • Better ability to manage customer data
  • Remote access
We like the functionality of Acumatica, the SaaS option, the easy access anywhere from any device. Only NetSuite offered similar features, but the functionality and user interface were different, and the technology not as advanced.

Wong Tshun Peei
Managing Director

ERP Solution

One Hygienic researched options to enhance their data management, and according to Ms. Wong, “We had a very good presentation from Acumatica. Our Acumatica partner—Medius Group Asia—helped us in the selection process, and proved the capability of Acumatica to meet our requirements.”

A key feature of Acumatica for One Hygienic was remote access. As Ms. Wong explains, “We are always on the go, and being able to check important information, such as updates on appointment timings or cancellations, new appointments, new leads requesting a site visit and demo, as well as recurring scheduled appointments, from any tablet and smartphone, ranked very high in our selection process. We also have different people on different platforms (Windows and Mac) and it was important that both platforms could use the new ERP.”

Ms. Wong reports, “In May 2015, we started using Acumatica, and the benefits were clearly evident from the get-go.”

ERP Solution implemented

Benefits for One Hygienic

A significant improvement for One Hygienic is the accessibility of data through Acumatica. As Ms. Wong points out, “Now everyone can use it, and we are really able to optimize our processes, service our customers better, and utilize our resources much better than before.”Sales are growing at One Hygienic, thanks to Acumatica. According to Ms. Wong, “We have a much better understanding of our customers and their patterns. We can better follow up to ensure we don’t miss a service and thus increase our revenue significantly. Since all the customer data is now in one place, our teams are much better equipped to do after-sales check-ins.”

In addition, management can now easily monitor all operations. Ms. Wong says, “On the operations level, we can better manage appointment scheduling and plan resources. The management also utilizes Acumatica to look at pipeline and utilization for future growth and resource requirements. They can see the effect of advertising or promotions campaigns.”

She adds, “The Financial Management Suite is also much better overall than their old system, so keying in data and getting reports is much better. The built-in BI tools also help to monitor the operations.”

Acumatica enhances their productivity, says Ms. Wong: “Our employees now easily save an average total of 10-20 minutes per customer, as all customer-related and job-related information is all integrated and in one place. The whole process, from sales to operation to finance, is much better, as this is now controlled and processed through Acumatica.”

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