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Successful ERP Implementation: PayWith

Startup builds flexible, high volume platform on Acumatica

Founded in 2012, PayWith helps brick and mortar companies connect, communicate and transact with customers through mobile loyalty, rewards and marketing programs. While they initially used Sage 50 to handle startup basics like payroll and expense tracking, they knew they needed to find a cloud-based solution to implement their mobile loyalty marketing and data analytics products.

They needed a system that could not only handle their first customer, but their 100th and 1,000th and the tens of thousands of mobile transactions they imagined as PayWith scaled. PayWith found their solution with Acumatica.

About PayWith

Location: Vancouver and Toronto, Canada

industry: Software & technology


Application Replaced: Sage
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Key results for PayWith

  • Enabled corporate business plan, which called for high volume transactional system
  • Gained flexibility allowing company to change and scale as needed
  • Adopted an affordable system that handles many users, including customers
  • Gained mobile access, allowing executives, managers and clients to view information no matter where they are


PayWith needed:

  • Ability to handle a large volume of transactions
  • An ERP system that was not too expensive but would scale with them as they grew
  • Easy integration with their own technology
When our CTO looked at the documentation, he knew that Acumatica was going to be the easiest for us to integrate with. We use Ruby on Rails and he recognized that Acumatica’s .NET framework would allow us to easily integrate with it.
Andrew Black, Vice President of Finance at PayWith

Andrew Black
Vice President of Finance

ERP Solution

“We were looking at jumping from a really small system to something that was medium and scalable or jumping right into an enterprise application,” said Andrew Black, Vice President of Finance. “We really didn’t want an enterprise system because we decided that would be expensive, large and cumbersome to implement. And we knew Sage 50 wasn’t going to work because we needed to handle a large volume of transactions quickly.”

Initially, PayWith executives looked at a number of ERP packages including different Sage suites, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct and SAP Business One. They narrowed the list to SAP and Acumatica, eventually deciding to build their business on Acumatica.

“SAP Business One was top contender, but in the end, the SAP application seemed too legacy and too slow,” Black said. “Their system was only pseudo-cloud based, and their API wasn’t built on modern infrastructure.”

PayWith needed an agile system that wasn’t too expensive out of the gate, and one that could change with time as their business model became refined, he said. “We had not nailed down our business model yet. While we knew who we were going to target, we weren’t exactly sure how we were going to bill them over time or exactly how we were going to distribute money we collected most efficiently.”

ERP Solution implemented

Benefits for PayWith

In addition to its flexible system that can be easily customized, Black said Acumatica’s unlimited user pricing allows them to create customer portals where clients can log in and check the progress of various marketing campaigns.

“We can scale without extra costs because the fee structure isn’t prohibitive,” he said. “With other software every time you want to add a new user or feature, they charge you huge amounts of money. Acumatica has extra modules that only cost a few thousand dollars and you can be up and running in a few hours. It doesn’t take weeks to train multiple parties.”

Black credits Acumatica for PayWith’s smooth launch and quick growth, which he says has been more than 50 percent a year. “Acumatica allows us to grow without needing a team of accountants or data entry people,” he said. “It makes our whole business possible.”

Application replaced: Sage

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