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Acumatica Improves Global Company’s Connections with Staff and Customers
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Sciessent
HQ in Massachusetts; sales representatives travel throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia; a fully operational branch office is located in Taiwan.
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  • Improved connections with customers and vendors, due to automatically generated communications on orders’ status
  • 24/7 staff access to the system from anywhere, at any time, through the Cloud
  • Savings of time and effort for sales reps in the field, with new mobile app
Jennifer Moore
"[Acumatica] has given us better contact with our customers, because we’ve got it set up so that everything is being sent electronically out of the system … it’s made the business process more fluid."
Jennifer Moore, Vice President of Finance
ERP Solution


Sciessent needed:

  • An upgraded replacement for their existing Sage MAS 500 system, which was about to lose support
  • Better connection between staff and customers
  • Improved efficiency with financial processes
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Sciessent’s Vice President of Finance, Jennifer Moore, says the company had utilized Sage MAS 500 for about seven years, and in 2015 they faced the loss of Sage support for MAS 500. Their partner recommended Acumatica as a way to replace and upgrade their financial management system.

Sciessent purchased Acumatica Financial Management, Distribution Management and Customer Management suites. They are also using Manufacturing Edition by JAAS Systems, which is integrated with Acumatica.

Ms. Moore says a key advantage of changing to Acumatica is mobility: “What really made it more appealing to us was the fact that it’s Cloud-based.” She adds, “We had VPN service before, so I could get into MAS 500, but it was slow and clunky, and because this is Cloud-based I can work from anywhere at any time.”



Even after only a few months of using Acumatica, the Sciessent staff appreciate it, Ms. Moore says. “People who are using different aspects of the software are all happy,” she reports. She adds that the new system is easy to use: “The interface is user-friendly, people find it easier to navigate – the processes are simpler than the MAS 500 processes.”

Acumatica has allowed Sciessent to improve their customer relations, according to Ms. Moore: “It has given us better contact with our customers, because we’ve got it set up so that everything is being sent electronically out of the system. When we get a PO from the customer, they automatically get an acknowledgement from us that we’ve received the order, and then once it’s shipped, they get the invoice sent automatically, so they know it’s shipped.” Ms. Moore adds that the new system has also improved connections with their vendors: “It made the business process more fluid.”

Another key enhancement from Acumatica is the mobile app. “The entire company is thrilled with the new expense system … They like the app, which is really good,” Ms. Moore reports. She adds that one sales rep who traveled to Asia for three weeks found that Acumatica saved him time and effort: “The app allows him to enter things on the go, and use the phone to take pictures of the receipts, so he’s not worrying about keeping track of three weeks of receipts … The other system was just a bit clunky, and they didn’t like it.”

For her own work, Ms. Moore says Acumatica has reduced the steps needed to process data: “I had to do an import, and about five other steps in MAS 500.” With Acumatica, she only needs to take a couple of steps to do the same job, she says.

Moore says another area they’ve seen improvement is moving their products between warehouses: “We do a lot of warehouse-to-warehouse transfers. It’s now an on-the-fly entry; in MAS 500 it took about 10 steps. Using Acumatica, the process is much more fluid and saves time.”

As the company gains more experience using Acumatica, Ms. Moore expects they’ll enjoy even greater time-savings and productivity improvements in the future.

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