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Successful ERP Implementation: S&L Hospitality

Hotel/Resort management firm purchases Acumatica, implements new ERP system In two weeks

Founded in 2005, S&L operates hotels and resorts with approximately 500 employees. For several years S&L Hospitality had relied on outdated software, Yardi Property Management and Yardi Construction Management, but then began to research a replacement.

After a fire at their headquarters in August 2011, they were forced to accelerate their search. Within a matter of weeks, the company switched from their 1990’s software to Acumatica, improving data management and productivity.

About S&L Hospitality

Location: Headquarters near Madison, WI, US; properties in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and South Dakota

industry: Travel and hospitality


Application Replaced: Other

Key results for S&L Hospitality

  • Cloud-based ERP system allows access by employees outside of the office
  • Time-savings and improved productivity through data import/export capability
  • Cost savings since no licensing fee is required to temporarily add a company
  • Multiple companies can have customized reports to suit their specific needs


S&L Hospitality needed:

  • A new ERP system–quickly
  • Easy customization
  • Ability to generate detailed reports
We can have truly different companies within Acumatica and our database, and can customize reports for each company, which is very nice.
Dan Egan, Director of Accounting at S&L Hospitality

Dan Egan
Director of Accounting

ERP Solution

S&L found Acumatica almost by accident. After the fire, S&L had to act quickly to get up and running again. Director of Accounting Dan Egan says, “I reached out to a few different companies, such as Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, SAGE. One of S&L’s owners was good friends with the owner of another company who had used Mike Garverick (of Acumatica partner TechVisions).”

Egan contacted Mike: “We discussed differences (between the options). Mike brought in Acumatica, a growing company making a product that was completely flexible. We were dealing with a time crunch; we didn’t have time to set up demos for different ERP systems. It seemed like Acumatica was flexible enough to meet our needs, and then we had Mike to really help get it installed.”

It took a couple of weeks to finalize the purchase and within another two weeks Mike and Acumatica were able to implement S&L’s new ERP system, Acumatica.

ERP Solution implemented

Benefits for S&L Hospitality

Egan reports, “We definitely saw time savings, and productivity increase, because of the ability to import and export data. I was concerned with simple data entry errors—transferring sales information from a property’s Excel spreadsheet to the accounting system, there’s always potential for error. We were able to have templates set up so information goes in automatically; I don’t have to worry about a keying error. That definitely saves time. That’s a great functionality.”

The licensing is a definite benefit, says Egan, “Recently S&L has been doing management or receivership for banks foreclosing on a hotel—we can add one into the ERP in about an hour. Not having to pay a licensing fee for a temporary company is great—there’s no license cost to the bank or a new owner.”

S&L has also benefited from Acumatica’s ability to customize their system, Egan says. “Some of our companies have different charts of accounts, different financial reports to run and print. We can have truly different companies within Acumatica and our database, and can customize reports for each company, which is very nice.”

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