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Acumatica-SAP Concur Quickstart Bundle

Celigo Inc

Celigo's Acumatica-SAP Concur Quickstart Bundles are pre-built integrations that streamline invoice and expense management. Automatically sync SAP Concur Expense Reports into Acumatica to expedite expense payments and ensure compliance with company policies. Reduce spend and pay your vendors quickly and accurately by automatically exporting SAP Concur Invoices into Acumatica Bills. These pre-built integrations also include flows to sync employees, customers, vendors, and more. Best of all, Quickstart Bundles are built on Celigo's iPaaS, integrator.io, letting you easily customize your integrations to your needs with our user-friendly dashboard and maintain them even without IT help.

Save time and cut down on errors by automating tedious manual processes like data entry and transport. Gain deep visibility into how funds are spent with Celigo's Acumatica-SAP Concur Quickstart Bundles!

Industry Served:
eCommerce & Retail, Financial Services or Software & technology

Key features

  • Invoice Management

  • Expense Management

  • Users & Employees

  • Companies & Customers

  • Lists & Departments

  • Vendor sync

About Celigo Inc

Celigo’s integrator.io is a complete iPaaS that automates key business processes at scale by enabling anyone across your business to integrate applications, whether they’re IT or business users. Leveraging over a decade of experience helping thousands of customers integrate their systems, we’ve built an iPaaS that easily connects thousands of applications while requiring fewer resources to maintain.

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Acumatica-SAP Concur Quickstart Bundle datasheet for Expense
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