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Salesforce-Acumatica Quickstart Bundle

Celigo’s Salesforce-Acumatica Quickstart Bundle helps you automate lead-to-cash with a variety of pre-built flows that grant visibility into data across Salesforce and Acumatica:

- Automatically add contacts, accounts, and customers from Salesforce to Acumatica, without having to manually enter them twice.
- Creating or updating items and pricing in Acumatica will also push those updates to Salesforce.
- Sync orders between Acumatica and Salesforce, regardless of which application the order originated in.
- Export financial information such as invoices, payments, deposits, and more from Acumatica to Salesforce.
- Update and sync item fulfillments and sales orders in real-time.

Key Benefits:

- Automate Lead-to-Cash with visibility into data across Salesforce and Acumatica
- Save time and minimize errors by automating manual processes that rely on Acumatica and Salesforce
- Integrate effortlessly with pre-built flows without worrying about APIs or code

Tired of the lack of visibility and manual data entry? Streamline the lead-to-cash process and cut down on errors with the Salesforce-Acumatica Quickstart Bundle!

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Key features

  • Sync Accounts from Salesforce to Acumatica Customers
  • Sync Customers from Acumatica to Salesforce Accounts
  • Sync Contacts from Salesforce to Acumatica Contacts
  • Sync Contacts from Acumatica to Salesforce Contacts
  • Sync Items from Acumatica to Salesforce Products
  • Sync Item Groups from Acumatica to Salesforce
  • Sync Opportunities from Salesforce as Sales Orders to Acumatica
  • Sync Orders from Salesforce to Acumatica Sales Orders
  • Sync Item Fulfillments from Acumatica to Salesforce
  • Sync Sales Orders from Acumatica as Opportunities to Salesforce
  • Sync Financials from Acumatica to Salesforce
  • Plus all the benefits of integrator.io, including a user-friendly dashboard and low maintenance!

About Celigo

Celigo’s integrator.io is a complete iPaaS that automates key business processes at scale by enabling anyone across your business to integrate applications, whether they’re IT or business users. Leveraging over a decade of experience helping thousands of customers integrate their systems, we’ve built an iPaaS that easily connects thousands of applications while requiring fewer resources to maintain.


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