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DataSelf is the leading provider of BI-based reporting.

While standard ERP Reports show what has happened in the past, DataSelf Analytics offers a deeper insight with a big-picture view into trend analysis, predictive forecasting, and cross module analysis. This gives decision makers the ability to see what can and should happen in the future.

Accurate insight is essential to growing a successful business, and time and technical expertise often stand in the way. DataSelf is an excellent option for partners with stretched resources who want to better meet their customers’ reporting needs.

DataSelf offers a cost-effective recurring subscription model which is both affordable and scalable. With an industry-leading analytics library and advanced report design toolkit, this solution is ideal for everyone: from those who only need the "analytical basics", to those with complex requirements. With DataSelf your clients will have peace of mind in knowing they are relying on clean and reliable data with easy and fast reporting.

Intelligently designed Analytics software like DataSelf provides specialized business insight with a high potential for a quick ROI. It not only helps companies identify where they can increase revenues by identifying hot regions, products, sales reps, and trends; but it simultaneously assists them in the elimination of unnecessary costs from inefficient processes, low-profit items, slow manual report creation, and delayed decision making.

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Key features

  • ETL+ Data Warehousing & Data Optimization - DataSelf's ETL+ Module (E)xtracts, data from the Acumatica database, (T)ransforms and optimizes it, and (L)oads it into a fast, powerful, and secure SQL data warehouse.
  • Powered by Industry Leading BI Technologies - DataSelf lets businesses choose from the top two BI engines, Tableau or Power BI, to drive data analysis.
  • Natural Language Query (NLQ) with AI - This Google-like feature uses Artificial Intelligence to make it easy for non-technical clients to find exactly what they want in seconds.
  • The Largest KPI Database - with over 8,000 Built-in Customizable Reports
  • Scalable and Flexible - As a company grows, adding additional data sources and users is easy. In addition, the backend architecture and framework bring peace of mind as they are built for success now, and in the future.
  • Row-level Based Security and Flexible Access Points; whether embedded or accessed via URL
  • Works with any industry - wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, energy utilities, construction, ecommerce, services and retail...to name a few.
  • Streamlined Legacy Data Migration - DataSelf's migration templates expedite the blending of live and historical data in the data warehouse which maintains data visibility throughout a migration process.

About DataSelf Corp

DataSelf Corp. is the leading provider of business intelligence, reporting and analytics software for small and mid-sized organizations. DataSelf provides a powerful and easy-to-use technology that’s up-and-running in under an hour.

DataSelf empowers decision-makers by providing easy access to critical data across their business. Blending its proprietary ETL+™ data optimization & warehousing technology with the industry’s top-rated Tableau, Power BI, and Excel technologies, DataSelf provides real-time dashboards and KPIs for all aspects of a business, including finance, budgeting, sales, inventory, project management, and field service.

With widespread use in all industries (including wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, energy utilities, ecommerce, services, retail and construction), DataSelf enables businesses to consolidate and automate report distribution across key applications that include ERP, CRM, and payroll.

And, as a “no code / low code / full code” solution, DataSelf incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to leverage your data, improve performance and empower your team with analytics that anticipate your staff’s reporting needs.

DataSelf is deployable in minutes, and rapidly scalable. It can consolidate data from multiple data silos and accelerates time-to-value with templates for Acumatica. For more information visit https://www.dataself.com.


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Customer Reviews

Mondares, Martino
Connected Cannabis Co.
Dataself always makes sure you get the data you need.
September 1st, 2023

I give them a 5 out 5 for support. The CEO, Joni, is very passionate about data and solving problems. We were looking to automate live reporting with refresh schedules. The most valuable features are ETL and Tableau.

Emory, Glenn
Weidenhammer Packaging Group
Dynamic View of Key Drivers
August 9th, 2023

We had disparate information collection points, a lack of data-mining capabilities and needed more efficiency from all resources. The solution allowed us to address those problems. The integration is clean, there was a rapid learning curve, and it is easily expandable. The excellent generic dashboards and ability to quickly toggle to different cuts of data is extremely valuable.

Augello Mike, Mr.
i-Tech Support, Inc
DataSelf unlocks the answers our clients are looking for!
August 2nd, 2023

This advanced analytics solution will help you identify business issues and opportunities more quickly enabling you to protect and grow your business.

It provides our clients the ability to analyze large datasets without impacting the performance of their ERP software.

Having the ability to quickly and easily analyze customer & inventory sales data in order to identify changing business trends is a great benefit.

Davidson, Jeff
Associated Energy Systems
Take advantage of the website and YouTube videos to learn how Tableau works.
August 1st, 2023

We needed to get KPIs to management and our sales team that they could access on multiple devices. It is a great solution for getting data to people that they can use to make decisions.

Make sure you have at least one desktop version for the person that will be creating reports.

Brown, Carla
SWK Technologies, Inc.
More informed decisions! We love it, our customers do too!
August 1st, 2023

DataSelf gives decision makers everything they need to make informed, data-driven decisions. It’s easy to use and with a library of thousands of pre-built KPIs, decision makers get a return on their investment almost immediately. DataSelf Corp is responsive and provide excellent support to their customers and partners. Not only do we recommend DataSelf to our customers, but we also use it internally for our own analytics and combining of multiple data silos.

It is a great solution, providing Business Insight for current metrics as well as planning for the future. This is both on sales side as well as our consulting and administrative data.

Smith, Lloyd
Mindover Software
Easy Reporting for non-technical users
July 26th, 2023

The DataSelf team deployed Acumatica for one of our large Acumatica customers. The end users are known to be very detail oriented but they aren't technical. DataSelf's team worked with users who knew what they wanted but couldn't explain it very well. A few back and forth emails and the end users became very satisfied users of Advanced Analytics!

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