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Our software provides solutions for Asset Performance Management, Maintenance Management, Inventory Management, and Materials &Tool Tracking from cradle-to-grave. LLumin CMMS+ is the only product that integrates your business rules and policies with the power of machine and operations data analytics to trigger intelligent, predictive, remediation that eliminates downtime and optimizes team efficiencies.

Using CMMS+, customers can immediately visualize assets and infrastructure critical to their operations and the status and condition of those assets. With just a few clicks, create rules around the real-time attributes of those assets which then will automatically trigger instructions, work orders, and purchase requisitions, to preemptively remediate or take needed actions that prevent downtime. LLumin CMMS+ has the flexibility to manage all types of critical assets. From buildings and facilities to machines and fleet, to public works, trees, and gardens. LLumin manages any physical entity that matters to your organization.

And no product manages ongoing maintenance and repair work management better than LLumin CMMS+, dramatically reducing your MTTR average, and improving all your most important KPIs. LLumin CMMS+ supports criteria-based data collection and information management that allows you to optimize, based on work type and priority levels, what information is needed to begin, complete, and close out a work order. Our mobile functionality is built for point of work clarity, speed, and simplicity. For the plant manager, the maintenance manager, and the entire workforce, LLumin CMMS+ work management utilities optimize all aspects of work completion logistics, with tools for supplies, resources, and vendor allocation in addition to skills and labor capacity planning. And our CMMS+ truly improves organization wide collaboration by incorporating workflow enabled notifications, to the right person or group, at every point in the process.

LLumin CMMS+ also incorporates the industry's leading MRO Materials Management and Tool Tracking functionality within its suite. Stockroom, satellite, vending machine management is built in our solution, all fully mobile device enabled. CMMS+ includes powerful rules and functionality for tracking what parts are needed, when, for what purpose. And no solution gives you more visibility into what upcoming demand, and historic usage and issue history than CMMS+. Our solution also has comprehensive integration with industry leading ERP solutions and on-line catalogs and marketplaces.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served

Key features

  • Asset specific templates and attributes
  • Tracks Asset Conditions, Status, Current Value, Location, Costs
  • KPIs - MTTR, MTBF, MTBR, OEE, MTTF, and more.
  • Manage schedules; capacity, labor, skills, procedures, documentation
  • Mobile Workforce Optimized
  • Materials Management for MRO, Tooling, Components, Hazmat
  • Easy to use, powerful procurement,and replenishment feature set
  • Integration with Acumatica ERP
  • Integration with Machine/Industrial Control Systems and IIOT devices
  • Multi-site and multi-stockroom support
  • Includes kitting and support for serialized rotable spares mngt

About LLumin

LLumin develops and markets CMMS+ SaaS products for Asset Performance Management, Maintenance Management, and Materials & Tool Management.
Our solutions manage and protect our customers’ infrastructure, assets, and operations, reducing their costs, reducing downtime, and mitigating risk.
Our CMMS+ suite manages over a million assets worldwide and is used by over 40,000 users every day.
Our product is used and trusted by Caterpillar, General Electric, Sunny D, Rockwell, Carson City, NV, Yale University, Princeton, UCLA, Howmet Aerospace, Badger Meter, and Calloway Golf.


LLumin CMMS+ Asset Management Overview
LLumin CMMS+ Maintenance Management Overview
LLumin CMMS+ with Acumatica

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