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Mekorma Vendor Validation

Mekorma Vendor Validation works with Acumatica to improve ease, efficiency, and quality in validating any vendor's data. AP teams can work assured, as Mekorma Vendor Validation integrates Tax Identification Number (TIN) matching, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks, and address validation into their payment process workflow. Mekorma’s current Vendor Validation service offers:

1. Address Validation
2. TIN Matching
3. OFAC Checks

Vendor Validation uses real-time data validation to improve the quality of your Vendor Master file by providing accurate and up to date information, and allows you to pay vendors with peace of mind.

From payments to shipping to tax compliance purposes, there are a multitude of benefits to validating your vendors' addresses. TIN matching is essential to avoiding B notices and fines from the IRS, and possibly causing significant disruption to year-end procedures. OFAC screening helps you avoid supporting dubious organizations, and the significant financial and legal risks involved.

Streamline the most critical points in your AP process by performing automated validation checks.

Updating your workflow to include Mekorma Vendor Validation has several benefits:
1. Send with confidence: trust your address data when sending your checks, goods, and documentation.
2. Don’t pay the wrong people: instantly know if a vendor is on the OFAC sanctions list.
3. Be tax compliant: ensure a vendor’s TIN matches IRS records; avoiding B notices and tax season delays.
4. Stop right there!: automatically hold payments if there is a TIN error or an OFAC match.
5. Due diligence: in case of an audit, vendor validation will show you took reasonable action to avoid OFAC and TIN errors.

  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
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Key features

  • Address validation
  • Full Master File audit capability
  • OFAC screening
  • Payment process integration
  • TIN matching
  • Maintain records for OFAC and IRS compliance
  • Vendor Master File integration

About Mekorma

Mekorma helps AP professionals master payment processing. Our integrated software makes it easy to work efficiently, reduce unnecessary manual tasks, and maintain a secure and transparent process. For over three decades, we’ve been a respected leader across ERP communities–and continue to provide innovative solutions for our 5,000+ customers.

What sets us apart?

As Accounts Payable and technology experts, we make sure our solutions are easy to use and keep you in control.

From implementation to technical support, our targeted services provide world class care. We know our customers and partners are not just companies, but a set of individuals with very specific needs. We make your job easier.



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