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The BPR - The Business Process Repository

📷 The BPR (Business Process Recorder & Repository) allows ERP users to record step-by-step procedure in minutes not days.

💨 Record, Organize & Share your business SOPs quickly.

🤝 Give your Acumatica VAR permission and have them drop how to procedures directly into your secure BPR library.

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Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Record Simple Step-by-Step SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Maximize ERP ROI by creating an editable library of ERP instructions
  • Attach QR Codes to physical spaces for process or product instructions
  • Access The BPR on ALL your devices

About Optimum Output

Optimum Output is a company born out of a conviction to continual improvement.

The BPR, our simple solution to help you record & organize your Standard Operating Procedures, is used by thousands of users around the world.

Our industry focus is Manufacturing, Accounting & IT.


Customer Reviews

Davies, Dustin
The BPR has been a great way for us to record our processes
March 29th, 2024

The ability to record our processes has been incredibly helpful for us in training new employees. BPR shortens the time it takes for someone to get acquainted with new processes and responsibilities. It is great to have the ability for all departments to use the system to create new libraries so that our customer service team, who currently do not use Acumatica, can record their processes and make use of the BPR as well. All of our other users have the ability to use the provided libraries on Acumatica functions and then also record their own.

Hodge, Jeremy
Kevin's Wholesale
Must-have tool!
September 27th, 2022

The BPR has been an absolute godsend for our company! I was promoted to Process Manager last year and was immediately given the daunting task of creating updated training manuals/process guides for all our departments. I spent the better part of two weeks typing training documents, taking reference screenshots, and creating a customized Wiki in our ERP system to house the documentation, and I hadn’t even begun to make a dent in my workload. I decided to have a meeting with our ownership to discuss looking into a way to manage this project better and possibly expedite some of the documentation. We did a bit of browsing on the subject and this is when we came across The BPR. I called, setup a meeting, and after a short presentation I was SOLD. With the BPR I was able to create/update all the training documentation in the span of about 30 days when it would’ve taken 4-5 times as long without The BPR. The documentation is not only incredibly easy to create, but the visual presentation style also makes it super simple for anyone to digest. Overall I would truly give this a 10/10 and recommend to any business!

Smith, Andrew
Premier Computing
Great tool to capture business processes
April 12th, 2022

This tool has been extremely helpful for companies who don't have recorded business processes. We have also used it to build a repository for new hires to find their own answers to basic Acumatica process questions.

Cheesman, Alan
Premier Computing
Simplicity in SOP writing
June 2nd, 2021

The BPR is a great SOP writing tool. I really like the way that it guides the SOP creation process. I think that with other editing tools that I have worked with, the options and features are complex and mostly unnecessary. With The BPR, there are a handful of crucial buttons right at your fingertips in the editor. You have one screenshot for one step and can edit the captions of the screenshot. You go from having to spend hours writing a 10 step SOP to minutes going through the process, making some minor edits and saving your changes for a final SOP that is ready to share. I can't wait to see the time savings pay off in a huge way the more we build our libraries.

Bramhall, Scott
Premier Computing
Makes your SOP come alive
June 1st, 2021

There are several things l love about this product:
1) Intuitive
2) Easy to learn & use
3) This product completely transforms your boring static SOP documents into something that your employees (young and old) will actually use.
4) As an Acumatica VAR, it makes creating, storing, and sharing our "how to" processes a piece of cake - our clients love us for it!

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