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Quantum Leaf Software - Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Business Software

Track and Manage from Seed to Sale

Seed to Sale tracking is at the center of many regulations facing the cannabis industry. Quantumleaf provides the tracking mechanisms to help ensure compliance with cannabis regulations, yet remains easy for anyone to learn and use. With real time inventory management and tracking, with a direct interface to sales order generation & accounting, Quantumleaf provides a single solution for your entire cannabis operation. Automated resupply ordering helps save time and makes sure you have the supplies you need to meet your: grow schedule, processing needs, and distribution requirements. With customizable dashboards, barcode/RFID ready support, and tasks that can be assigned to individuals, groups, rooms/gardens, or batches, Quantumleaf gives you the flexibility to manage your business with familiar processes and extensive tracking.

Quantumleaf was created with flexibility in mind, since not every operation is aiming at the same bullseye. Experimenting to create that next great strain? Or working to augment inventory quantity and/or quality? Or perhaps trying to convince purchasers or investors to come aboard? Our software offers you the metrics and tools to achieve all this and more, all across one seamless platform.

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Key features

  • Complete Seed-to-Sale Command and Control: Archive what goes into every batch where, when, and why – in real-time
  • Total Labor Management: Develop, delegate, and oversee work schedules around the needs of facilities, inventory, grows,
  • Compare, Contrast, and Improve: Use Quantumleaf to find what works better when and where, and build on best practices
  • Transparent Traceability: Automate/Schedule batch processing and tasks across the facility, seamed into your format
  • Seamless Platform Access: remotely log in on any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones; Android, Windows,
  • Compliance-Ready: Total RFID & barcode collection, jurisdiction-specific software integrated
  • Acumatica-Integrated, from Day One: Effortlessly record and transmit inventory profiles and histories across your supply
  • Total Resource Planning: Use your QL-fed data from production in Acumatica to forecast sales and business strategy
  • Prepare and React: Forecast inventory trends, and prepare for the medium- and long-term

About Quantum Leaf Solutions

Quantumleaf provides an all-in-one cannabis and hemp seed-to-sale business management platform that completely removes the need for multiple software platforms and spreadsheets. Manage your entire cannabis and hemp operation, whether you are a cultivator, processor, distributor or retailer; from one place, at any time. Save time and resources as your business scales and grows. Our platform is the perfect fit for cannabis and hemp businesses looking to unlock their true potential sooner than later, and reach it in the long term — all while reliably hitting regulatory policies across the jurisdictional spectrum.




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