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Reporting, Planning & Analysis in Excel to Accelerate Business Outcomes

Built by Acumatica experts for Acumatica users, Velixo is a multi-award Acumatica winner and the premier solution for reporting with Acumatica.

Velixo augments the core reporting and budgeting experience of Acumatica. It is optimized for organizations of any size, in any industry looking to accelerate business outcomes through better visibility, efficiency, simplicity and automation.

As a self-service Excel add-in that provides full governance and deep integrations with Acumatica, Velixo offers users a seamless and real-time reporting and planning experience within the comfort of the Excel they love. 80% of users who tried alternatives still end up going back to Excel for further analysis; so why not only use Excel?

Use cases range from financial reporting, financial consolidations, close management, any operational reporting on ERP data, budgeting and planning, project forecasting, data integration and business process automation.

The Velixo platform comes with a unique querying engine, 80+ native Accelerator functions, smart interactivity in and out of Acumatica, efficient writeback and data push features. It also enables organizations with pre-built templates, consolidation, distribution, and native integrations with Microsoft 365 to achieve significant outcomes, almost instantly.

If you know how to Excel, you know how to Velixo!

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by Acumatica
  • Connected with Acumatica
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Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Real-time reporting & budgeting (for any data, financials or operational through Generic Inquiries)
  • 80+ Accelerator functions (Excel-native)
  • Smart drilldown to explore data in Excel and in Acumatica
  • Live writeback of Journals, Budgets and Project Forecasts
  • Data push for any data
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Flexible and automated report distribution by email
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365
  • Excel Desktop or Online, on any device and platform

About Velixo

Acumatica Partner of the Year 2022 and Innovation 2023 award winner, we are a team of tech and ERP professionals with a mission to accelerate businesses’ transformation through meaningful outcomes and efficiencies, leveraging the latest technologies, Microsoft 365, and Acumatica’s unique capabilities.
Founded in 2017, Velixo has grown to become a global software company with thousands of customers across the world.




Customer Reviews

Westin, Marie
Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co
The only Financial reporting tool I will use going forward
February 10th, 2021

When has Velixo been all my life? Gone are the days where I had to download all financials data, manipulate - create reports which needed to be repeated if I had to do any financials changes.
I have recommended this tool to all of my customers and they are very grateful for this! Also great support when needed from the Velixo team.

O'Hara, Liam
Algorithm Inc.
Incredibly user friendly and easy to use
October 29th, 2020

Pros: User friendly - It has is hands down one of the easiest tools to use. It's been created in a way that allows anyone with basic excel knowledge to pick it up and use it with little to no training.

Functionality/depth of scale - While it's easy it also allows the user to go pretty deep into the data inside of Acumatica. The GL equations (along with every other equation) walk you step by step through everything you need to enter. The GI and projects functionality are both intuitive and allow for easy access to that information which can then be pivoted off of, or any other excel based function that you may need.

Data refresh - Some similar tools take forever to refresh the data, Velixo takes seconds. The largest file that I've seen with Velixo in use was 30 tabs and that took 20 seconds at most to smart refresh.

Cache clearing - In an instance where you need or want to clear your cache, it's simple. Just push a button and you're ready for a full refresh when your data gets askew.

Wiemann, Lettie
Vanguard Resources
Love using Velixo!
October 19th, 2020

I love Velixo. It's user-friendly and incredibly quick. I actually trust Velixo reports and have peace of mind knowing I'm capturing everything since it's integrated with Acumatica. Velixo has been very helpful with the transition to Acumatica and the customer support from Velixo is excellent.

Cronje Frikkie, Mr.
One Channel (Pty.) Ltd.
Happy Customers
October 19th, 2020

This reduced month end reporting and streamlined the customers business in a flash. Its super easy to setup and maintain. Every customer we implemented Velixo at loves the product as it resolves all their reporting issues. Love this product!

Klug, Elizabeth
Cornell University
Incredibly versatile and easy to use for new users
October 15th, 2020

The Cornell Cooperative Extension system staff are new users to Acumatica and are using Velixo for all our Financial reporting needs. Our users are having a great experience with Velixo and the incredible versatility and ability to design reports for all our various needs. Gabriel is fantastic to work with and has responded with upgrades and solutions quickly to meet our required reporting. We are a large organization of separate and individual companies (60+) but have integrated and consolidated reporting needs. Velixo has made a huge difference to how fast and easy it is to get customized reports to meet our unique requirements. The interface and drilldown from Velixo with Acumatica produces results in seconds of changing report parameters and lookup within reports for details. The excel format makes it easy for all our users to become skilled at using Velixo. Thanks Gabriel!!!

Augello, Mike
I-Tech Support, Inc.
Velixo Reports - Quick & Easy to get started
October 11th, 2020

This excel-based financial reporting solution is easy to use. You can be creating new reports in no time using the standard excel tools including adding graphs and charts.

Morris, Joe
Collins Computing
Velixo is a fantastic tool
October 11th, 2020

I have been working with Velixo for almost a year now and I recommend it to all my new customers. The ability to create reports using this tool is awesome and so much more easier than using the Acumatica reporting tools. The new feature that allows you to download data from a generic inquiry makes the tool even more useful. I recently created a custom AP and AR aging using Velixo and it would have taken me days to do this in the Acumatica report writer.
I would not implement a site without it, period.

Taylor, Morgan
VPI Technologies
Easy, Powerful, Essential
October 10th, 2020

Velixo provides a critical tool missing from Acumatica. Velixo owns the Acumatica – Excel interface, providing a deep integration with Acumatica with easy to use features available in Excel to access a wide range of resources directly from Acumatica. It enables easy and flexible reporting tools in Excel, analytical capabilities by a broad range of team members (need to know Excel, don’t have to be expert Acumatica GI writers), and even provides advanced business automation capabilities.

Velixo is simple and easy to use for the majority of users, who often don’t even know it’s part of the Excel file. For the more advanced users, it provides an extensive range of functionality and business automation.

If you have Acumatica, you already need Velixo!

Polino, Carol
Innovative Cloud Solutions, LLC
Powerful Financial Reports in no Time!
October 9th, 2020

Our clients love this product! Of all of the financial reporting tools that we’ve trained people on over the past years, Velixo has the shortest learning curve – by far.
You’ll be building powerful reports in no time!

Pratley, Wendy
Prelude Consulting, Inc.
Powerful financial reporting - easy to use
October 9th, 2020

Velixo is an invaluable tool for our clients! It delivers everything it promises. We are so impressed with how easily we were able to set up multiple financial statements. I recommend this product to each Acumatica customer we take on. We have customers with extensive GL accounts/subaccounts, multiple companies and multiple branches. Velixo makes everything so easy and streamlined. It provides the reporting we need at the levels we need. The information is available within seconds. Velixo provides timely enhancements. The support team is extremely responsive. Highly recommend!

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