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Reporting, Planning & Analysis in Excel to Accelerate Business Outcomes

Built by Acumatica experts for Acumatica users, Velixo is a multi-award Acumatica winner and the premier solution for reporting with Acumatica.

Velixo augments the core reporting and budgeting experience of Acumatica. It is optimized for organizations of any size, in any industry looking to accelerate business outcomes through better visibility, efficiency, simplicity and automation.

As a self-service Excel add-in that provides full governance and deep integrations with Acumatica, Velixo offers users a seamless and real-time reporting and planning experience within the comfort of the Excel they love. 80% of users who tried alternatives still end up going back to Excel for further analysis; so why not only use Excel?

Use cases range from financial reporting, financial consolidations, close management, any operational reporting on ERP data, budgeting and planning, project forecasting, data integration and business process automation.

The Velixo platform comes with a unique querying engine, 80+ native Accelerator functions, smart interactivity in and out of Acumatica, efficient writeback and data push features. It also enables organizations with pre-built templates, consolidation, distribution, and native integrations with Microsoft 365 to achieve significant outcomes, almost instantly.

If you know how to Excel, you know how to Velixo!

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  • Connected with Acumatica
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Key features

  • Real-time reporting & budgeting (for any data, financials or operational through Generic Inquiries)
  • 80+ Accelerator functions (Excel-native)
  • Smart drilldown to explore data in Excel and in Acumatica
  • Live writeback of Journals, Budgets and Project Forecasts
  • Data push for any data
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Flexible and automated report distribution by email
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft 365
  • Excel Desktop or Online, on any device and platform

About Velixo

Acumatica Partner of the Year 2022 and Innovation 2023 award winner, we are a team of tech and ERP professionals with a mission to accelerate businesses’ transformation through meaningful outcomes and efficiencies, leveraging the latest technologies, Microsoft 365, and Acumatica’s unique capabilities.
Founded in 2017, Velixo has grown to become a global software company with thousands of customers across the world.




Customer Reviews

Kuhn, Seth
SWK Technologies, Inc.
Easy to Set up, Slick to Use, Big Time Saver
October 8th, 2020

We have many customers using Velixo who love it. It makes Acumatica more effective, adding an Excel-based reporting tool to the Acumatica toolset.

Velixo is better than other excel-based reporting tools I've seen. In Velixo, you have distribution lists for distributing reports/worksheets the same way every month. There's drilldown to see a list of transactions making up a number in a given field. There's GL writebacks, especially handy for complex allocations. Budget Writebacks, because...let's be honest...department heads know how to use Excel.

Velixo is well worth the price of admission. Run by a strong publisher, built only for Acumatica, do your finance folks a favor and get them this tool. You could always make it a holiday gift, right before year end close. Ha.

Milligan Michael, Mr.
Accunet, Inc
Excel Based Reporting for Financials and Project
October 8th, 2020

AccuNet and our clients are project based. We need a report writer that combines financial information and project information in one actionable view. Velixo does this with Excel based reporting, powerful functions, lightening speed and a live connection.
Financial report writers are just that, financial data centric. Project driven companies want a GL account, related sub accounts, budget and then the projects that roll up into that budget. Excel is the most widely use financial and project management tool so it make sense to give businesses and Excel based tool with the structure and protections of the Acumatica database. It is the best of both worlds.

McClelland Jean, Miss
Clients First Business Solutions
Flexible, easy, powerful extension customers enjoy
October 8th, 2020

Using Velixo helps with Acumatica implementation in numerous ways. The standard Acumatica reports are good but are rarely exactly what the new customer needs or wants. With the flexibility of pulling data from Acumatica into Excel, the customer is more comfortable that they can get the reports they need and want.
One of the solutions a customer was particularly pleased with was extended budgeting. The customer wanted to show 4 years of historical numbers and look at the trends those numbers showed. Pulling the information out of Acumatica through Velixo and creating some Excel charts for trends easily met the requirement without a more expensive software package. Once the budget was approved, it was easily loaded into the standard Acumatica budgeting module.

Idom, Audrey
AIM Solutions Inc.
Superior Financial Reporting
October 8th, 2020

This product is easy to use and quick to learn. It's extremely powerful and gives real time financial reporting. Everything you want in a financial reporting package is here. In addition to financial reporting, the product is feature rich with automated emailing of reports, write back GL and Budget entries to Acumatica, pull ANY generic inquiry data into this tool and write more reports and analyze the data. What would take several hours to write in another solution is literally minutes in Velixo, there is just no comparison. I can't say enough good things about this product.

Schils, Colleen
Crestwood Associates LLC
Easy to get started - Easy tool to use
June 26th, 2020

This product is an easy to use, easy to get started tool for any client. Very little training is needed with the level of information on the support/help website. This product gives client's a flexible tool for producing Financial Packages since it is based on Excel.

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