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Venn Technology Salesforce Integration

Is your team having to manually move data between systems to track sales orders and generate invoices? Here’s an idea: what if when a sale is created in Salesforce, it updates the order, payment, and inventory values in Acumatica?

Our integration is designed to sync any standard or custom objects between Salesforce and Acumatica to eliminate manual workflows, improve data accuracy, and provide real-time visibility to business performance.

Cut your time in half with integrated CRM and finance workflows. Book a free demo to see what our pre-built Salesforce Acumatica integration can do for your business.

Key features

  • Eliminate manual processes for capturing transactional data
  • Sync sales master data in Order Entry
  • Flexible data enhancement
  • Provide real-time information without manual intervention
  • Error-free financial reporting
  • Financial workflow expertise
  • Streamline month-end close
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Avoid missed renewals, upsells, and cross-sells

About Venn Technology

Venn Technology is a services provider with expertise in Salesforce, cloud ERP solutions, and complex financial workflows.

Our mission: Build integrations that free you to do what you\'re best at.

Our team is laser-focused on helping finance professionals automate the manual, mundane, and error-prone processes of moving data from one system to another. The result? Get the CFO to their kids’ soccer game. Help the Controller go on that vacation they’ve been putting off. Automate the work that’s prevented the whole finance team from binge-watching an entire season of Yellowstone because of another tedious month-end close.

Ditch error-prone and time-wasting manual processes so you can work accurately and efficiently, getting the recognition you deserve.

Integrate. Automate. Be free!


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