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Switch to cloud apps – and multiply your ROI by 2.1

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Cloud Delivers 2.1 Times More ROI
"Nucleus found that cloud application projects deliver 2.1 times the ROI of on-premise ones – up 24 percent since 2012".

Want to convince your colleagues that cloud ERP can deliver a bigger payback than on-premises software? This Nucleus Research report will help you make your case.

In “Cloud Delivers 2.1 Times More ROI” you’ll learn why today’s feature-rich cloud applications deliver far greater financial benefits than even the cloud solutions of a few years ago.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • What’s driving the ever-increasing ROI of cloud projects.
  • Why today’s cloud applications are cheaper than ever to implement—even though they’re far more sophisticated.
  • How much you can expect to reduce support costs in the cloud.
  • Why your cloud ERP vendor will be highly motivated to please you from day one.
  • How your cloud ERP platform can support your green initiatives by using 91 percent less energy.

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This report is provided by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth

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