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Comparing Different Types of CRM Technology?

This new report from Nucleus Research will help you find the ideal blend of usability and functionality.

CRM Technology Value Matrix 2019
“Although Acumatica is primarily an enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor, it is covered in the CRM Value Matrix because of its integration and breadth of features that make it a competitive CRM product. It is also noteworthy that Acumatica uses the same UI across all modules, so users can be easily trained on ERP and CRM capabilities.”

Want a complete, real-time view of each customer? This is what every CRM vendor is trying to provide—but they’re using different types of CRM technology to get there. Which type is right for you?

Find out in a new report from Nucleus Research. You’ll discover how the leading CRM vendors stack up in terms of usability and functionality. Download it now.

In “CRM Technology Value Matrix 2019,” you’ll learn:

  • Which CRM vendors are Leaders, Facilitators, Experts, or Core Providers.
  • How 21 vendors compare in terms of sales, marketing, and service functionality.
  • Four key trends that are affecting every CRM vendor’s development decisions today.
  • How Acumatica made a major leap forward in functionality since the last Value Matrix was published.
  • What sets Acumatica apart from CRM vendors such as Sage, Oracle Siebel, and Hubspot.

Invest just a few minutes reading this report, and you’ll have a much better grasp on how the different types of CRM technology compare. Read it now.

This report is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized contractors a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

Find who moved much closer to the Leaders box