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Acumatica Coffee & Code: Episode Two

Mark Franks | March 31, 2021

In our second episode of Coffee & Code, we explore with Steven Houglum, SSL/TLS Security – securing an Acumatica ERP Web Instance used primarily for demos with an SSL or more accurately a TLS certificate. This is important because many services require an HTTPS connection to work. All REST/SOAP/OData API communication should always be conducted over HTTPS. Many of the Tax packages and the Outlook add-in require HTTPS.

The discussion starts by reviewing what TLS (SSL) is and then the use of Powershell to configure an Acumatica ERP instance for HTTPS. Previous instructions on “how to” set this up are simply inadequate as the standards tighten and all modern browsers follow. To automate the process and reduce the number of steps to achieve the goal, a PowerShell script was created. This script is reviewed and discussed in the episode.

We hope you enjoy the discussion.

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Mark was the former Sr. Developer Relations Manager at Acumatica.

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