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VLOG: Changing an Acumatica PO Number with a Smart Panel and Custom Action

In this post, we show you the coding for a use case that requires PO numbers on customers' orders in Acumatica 2021 R2.
Keith Richardson | December 23, 2021

We have many customers that require PO numbers on their orders and will not pay without them. Sometimes they do not have the proper PO number at the time of the order, and we do not want to prevent items from being shipped. This may be either blank or wrong. Oftentimes, the salesperson does not update it with the correct number before it is invoiced. This causes invoices not to be paid, and have to be corrected.

Once the invoice is in the released status, it is marked as read-only and we cannot update it. Reversing and re-billing is a tedious task, and we will make it easier for our credit department. We will use this with a Smart Panel and Graph Extension. The Graph Extension uses a custom DAC as a filter to enter the data and tie it to the smart panel that we create. A custom action is used to pop up the smart panel, as well as update the Invoice when the standard view is marked as Read Only. It also allows us to put custom security on the action so that only members in our Credit department can change the PO number when the main field is read-only.

Happy Coding!

The code samples used in the VLOG can be accessed here in the following two GISTs:



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