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Video: Acumatica Customer SHOEBACCA on the Benefits of an Integrated, Flexible ERP Platform

Michelle Webber | February 2, 2017

Entrepreneurs dream of starting as a “mom-and-pop” operation and expanding into a successful, full-scale company within five years of conception. Acumatica customer SHOEBACCA did just that for founders Marc and Robert Schlachter. The community-minded brothers officially founded SHOEBACCA in 2002, selling discounted name-brand athletic shoes to low-income families through local markets, while simultaneously sending shoes to third-world countries. Their next step was becoming resellers on eBay. They then launched themselves into the role of an ecommerce retailer in 2007.

Acumatica Customer SHOEBACCA on the Benefits of an Integrated, Flexible ERP Platform

With their rapid growth, the SHOEBACCA team quickly discovered that assimilating their disparate systems was more complex than their internal capabilities allowed. Below you can watch SHOEBACCA’s story and see how the search for an ERP platform that was capable of integrating their ecommerce platform, their warehouse management solution, and their business intelligence reporting suites led to Acumatica.

As you heard directly from SHOEBACCA President Ryan Schlachter and Director of IT Thomas Finney, Acumatica’s flexible ERP platform reduced the time they spent on in-house IT and development and allowed them to focus on what they do best — selling name brand shoes perfectly paired to each customer through their custom filtration technology. Finding the best shoes for each person is equivalent to Acumatica’s ability to customize its ERP platform for each business. With the just announced launch of Acumatica Commerce Edition, this is all the more true for ecommerce businesses everywhere.

It’s important to note that SHOEBACCA received the Acumatica Customer of the Year Award for 2016. Its successful business acceleration deserves the recognition and is due to “the proper placement, innovative technologies, competitive shipping processes, and professional customer service.” Another factor in the win was utilizing Acumatica’s streamlined and complete ERP platform, which provides automated processes, financial analysis, and forecasting capabilities tailor-made for SHOEBACCA.

All distribution management and retail and ecommerce businesses would benefit from an ERP platform that allows for managing sales, tracking inventory in real-time, reducing purchasing costs, and being accessible to them and their team anywhere, anytime. As Thomas Finney said, “Because of its flexibility, Acumatica would be a great asset to any business trying to expand an ecommerce platform.”

To the SHOEBACCA team’s credit, their desire to serve their community has not diminished. They continue to share their good fortune and hard work with numerous youth organizations and charities, including Soles4Souls, American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, Salvation Army and more. Acumatica is proud to be a part of SHOEBACCA’s success story and looks forward to many more years collaborating with the SHOEBACCA team as they continue to increase their business profitability and charitable contributions.

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