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Acumatica Principles of Innovation: Delivering Innovative Technology and Building Trust

Explore Acumatica’s approach to incorporating leading-edge technologies, like AI and machine learning, into their ERP product development—focusing on responsibility, practicality, and value. Learn how they prioritize data privacy, ensure user-friendly AI integration, and deliver tangible business benefits. As Acumatica continues to innovate, they remain transparent in their approach, always serving the best interests of their customers.
Ali Jani | February 27, 2024

Acumatica Principles of Innovation: Delivering Innovative Technology and Building Trust


Acumatica has been a major force in changing the ERP industry, moving business systems to the cloud and democratizing business management capabilities for all companies. Pursuing leading edge innovation is core to our heritage and fundamental to our ongoing approach to product development.

This forward-looking approach is balanced by a culture committed to addressing the real-world needs of our customers, helping them overcome today’s challenges and realize tomorrow’s possibilities.

We continue to build on our strong heritage of innovation, guided by Acumatica’s rallying cry—building the future of business, together. That means working closely with our partners and our customers so that we, as a Community, are unified in our vision for the future and anchored in the real-world applications and potential consequences of significant technological advancements.

With the rapid changes taking place in technology—most notably the dramatic advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and capabilities manifested in new LLM (large language model) applications like ChatGPT—there are questions and concerns over the appropriate deployment of these innovations in business management systems. With these transformative advancements come new opportunities and risks related to ceding critical functions to AI and concerns over data privacy and security.

As we boldly move forward into this new frontier of technological possibilities, Acumatica will take a pragmatic approach that considers what is good and appropriate for our customers and is guided by clear principles that will direct our product development into the future.

Acumatica will develop AI capabilities in a way that is responsible, practical, and valuable:



Acumatica takes a responsible approach when developing new technology—respecting the security and privacy of our customers’ information and grounded in the ironclad conviction that they own their data.

  • We do implement extensive security and privacy measures for all new features.
  • We do deliver AI results that are aligned with the user access policy, without leaks between users.
  • We do strictly follow all international AI principles in the development of our AI tools and features.
  • We do enforce appropriate guardrails and approvals before updating any data with AI/Machine Learning results.
  • We do document and maintain guardrail parameters and provide rationale as to how each parameter is established.
  • We do restrict third party access to your data. Data shared with third party technologies will always be limited to specific data or aggregated data only for purposes of enhancing your experience with specific capabilities.
  • We do only share aggregate information and never share your personally identifiable business data with others.

As part of our core belief that you own your data, our AI features will protect your data privacy and always include appropriate guardrails to help ensure that the quality and integrity of your data is never compromised.



Our product development philosophy for all new features and innovations is to provide tools and features that are practical and address the real-world needs of our customers.

  • We do design our user experience to ensure transparency, simplicity, and clarity, so all users don’t need to understand AI to use the technology.
  • We do integrate new innovations like AI into the Acumatica user interface to make it easy to start and easy to use.
  • We do design new features including AI capabilities, so you can easily apply these tools to your data and specific needs.
  • We do offer training to help you understand how to leverage new capabilities.


We design our products so that all data features, including AI capabilities, are usable, and the results are clear and easily understood.



Our approach has never been to develop technology for the sake of technology. Our product enhancements are driven by customer and market input, leveraging channels that currently exist and exploring new ways to get feedback—to ensure that new features and capabilities address real-world needs. We are committed to delivering AI features that generate insights to enable business decisions, automate and streamline processes, and provide information that makes tasks easier.

  • We do deliver new AI capabilities that specifically address explicit customer goals and objectives, like increasing revenue, decreasing costs, improving customer service, and enhancing productivity.
  • We do optimize developing features that are useful and cost-effective.
  • We do deliver clear and accurate AI results that address specific business tasks.
  • We do partner with ISVs committed to securely delivering AI capabilities that empower individuals, enable organizations, and respect privacy.

As we venture into a new era of amazing technological possibilities, we will continue to be transparent about our approaches and hold steadfast to our commitment to innovate in a way that is always in the best interests of our customers.


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