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Acuminator 1.6 Now Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

Mark Franks | May 6, 2019

A minor but important update has arrived today with support for Visual Studio 2019 RTM from our Acuminator development team.

Acuminator is a static code analysis and colorizer add-in tool for Visual Studio that simplifies development with the Acumatica Framework. Acuminator provides diagnostics and code fixes for common developer challenges related to Acumatica Framework. Also, Acuminator can colorize and format BQL statements, and can collapse attributes and parts of BQL queries.

Here are some of the highlights from this release:

  • Visual Studio 2019 RTM support
  • A whole bunch of enhancements for Code Map
  • 1 new static code analyzer
  • 1 new code fix
  • Ability to turn off static analysis completely
  • Ability to disable suppression file and show all diagnostics
  • Lots of bug fixes

A complete list of all diagnostics and code fixes is now available on GitHub here along with the Release Notes here.

Mark Franks

Platform Evangelist at Acumatica. Mark is responsible for showing people the specifics about what makes Acumatica’s Cloud Development Plaform wonderfully attractive to ISV & Partners. He's also passionate about Running, Latin, and his family.

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