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Empowering Community: CEO John Case on Acumatica Summit 2024

Why is Acumatica Summit 2024—and really, every Summit—all about empowering Community? CEO John Case shares his thoughts on this very important topic today.
John Case | January 26, 2024

Empowering Community: CEO John Case on Acumatica Summit 2024

Each year, Acumatica customers, creators, partners, and prospects travel from around the world to come to Las Vegas for our annual cloud ERP Summit. This year, we’re excited to welcome some 3000 attendees who are looking to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore how technology continues to shape how we connect, work, interact, and get things done.

Acumatica Summit 2024, beginning Monday, January 28, at the Wynn Las Vegas, comes at a critical juncture where rapid technological changes and a more favorable economic and business environment offer exciting new opportunities for small and mid-sized companies. As we venture into this new frontier, it’s essential that we’re grounded in the principles and approaches that got us here in the first place, and for Acumatica, it all begins with Community.

Putting Community First

Communities are instrumental in forming strong relationships, instilling a sense of belonging, and ensuring that each member succeeds.

At Acumatica, we’re proud that we’ve built—and continue to build—a vibrant Community intentionally centered around meeting the real-world needs of small and midsized businesses (SMBs). We do this by offering an industry-specific business management solution specifically designed to meet their unique needs and adapt to today’s dynamic economy and marketplace.

We’re committed to getting innovative, intuitive technology into the hands of our customers, but more than that, we’re committed to ensuring that our technology provides them with what they need to grow and evolve—and to do so on their terms. None of this would be possible, however, without Community member feedback. Our product roadmap is largely determined by what our customers say we’re doing right and what they say can be improved. In fact, their feet-on-the-ground input is why we continue to be the industry’s leading cloud ERP solution and earn the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating.

Says Joel Epstein, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Fabuwood, “In the time that other companies make decisions, we are already up to our next. And this goes back to Acumatica. We want to change, we want to know our future, and we need things fast. And we feel like Acumatica delivers that.”

The Endless Possibilities of Technology

Our passion for delivering effective, affordable, and easy-to-use technology that empowers midsized enterprises to overcome today’s challenges and capture tomorrow’s possibilities is reflected in our Rallying Cry: “Building the Future of Business, Together.” At Summit, our visionary keynotes and in-depth, informative breakout sessions will shed light on the factors that are shaping the business landscape and the technological innovations and capabilities that are enabling businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

We recognize that we’re gathering at a point in time where new capabilities in technology, including generative AI and automation, are making companies sit up and take notice of the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence. There are lots of questions on how these new capabilities will impact business and a natural curiosity on how they will impact product development.

At Summit, we’ll address how our technology leverages the latest, cutting-edge innovations to deliver new capabilities and efficiencies that boost workplace productivity, empower workers and enable organizations to reach new heights.

Excited About “Everything” Summit

Summit is filled with extensive opportunities to build Community connections and enhance ERP expertise, so, to find out what aspect of Summit attendees are most excited to experience, we decided to take an informal poll on LinkedIn. We discovered that 26% of respondents are looking forward to “Product + Cloud ERP Insights,” 9% checked “Educational Breakout Sessions,” and 28% plan to enjoy the “Networking Opps.” But the majority of respondents (38%) couldn’t narrow it down to one thing, so they chose “Everything (+ the swag!)”.

That’s our vote! Attendees will get to hear about the latest changes and developments in technology and our vision for our Community in a comfortable setting and supportive environment. They’ll learn, discover, and have fun but also have a chance to share their feedback and thoughts on our cloud ERP software, to ask questions, and to share any concerns as we head into an unknown future, together.

Customer Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations, Power Storage Solutions, believes attending Summit is one of the huge benefits of being a part of the Acumatica Community. “Power Storage Solutions has attended every Acumatica Summit since we started. And the interactions and partnerships and the relationships that we formed at the Acumatica Summit helped drive our business forward. We have developed relationships with the Acumatica team that has allowed us exposure to cutting-edge technology.”

Acumatica Summit 2024 is only days away, and this fun, informative event will supply Community members with the practical tools, deep knowledge, and collaborative support they need to grow their businesses and thrive in today’s economy.

We’re excited to see every Acumatica Community member at Summit, but for those unable to attend in person, it’s not too late to sign up for virtual attendance of the Opening Day and Day Two Keynote presentations.

Questions about Summit can be directed to our event team at support@acumaticaevents.com and questions about Acumatica’s award-winning cloud ERP software can be answered by our experts at any time.

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